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Definitions of excited

excited (ɪkˈsaɪtɪd Pronunciation for excited



  1. aufgeregt
    1. (= agitated) erregt
    2. (= enthusiastic) begeistert
      ⇒ to be excited that... begeistert darüber sein, dass ...   ⇒ to be excited about sth von etw begeistert sein(= looking forward), sich auf etw acc freuen   ⇒ to become or get excited (about sth) sich (über etw acc) aufregen(= enthuse), sich (über etw acc) begeistern   ⇒ to get excited (sexually) erregt werden   ⇒ it was nothing to get excited about es war nichts Besonderes

Similar Words

= thrilled, stirred, stimulated, enthusiastic, high, moved, wild, aroused, awakened, animated, roused, tumultuous, aflame
= agitated, worried, stressed, alarmed, nervous, disturbed, tense, flurried, worked up, feverish, overwrought, hot and bothered, discomposed, adrenalized

excite (ɪkˈsaɪt Pronunciation for excite


transitive verb

  1. aufregen
    1. (= rouse enthusiasm in) begeistern
      ⇒ the whole village was excited by the news das ganze Dorf war über die Nachricht in Aufregung
    1. sentiments, passion, sexual desire erregen
    2. interest, curiosity wecken

'excited' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: ثَائِرPronunciation for ثَائِر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: empolgadoPronunciation for empolgado empolgada
  • Chinese: 兴奋的Pronunciation for 兴奋的
  • Croatian: uzbuđenPronunciation for uzbuđen uzbuđena
  • Czech: rozrušenýPronunciation for rozrušený
  • Danish: spændtPronunciation for spændt
  • Dutch: opgewondenPronunciation for opgewonden
  • European Spanish: entusiasmadoPronunciation for entusiasmado
  • Finnish: innoissaanPronunciation for innoissaan
  • French: excitéPronunciation for excité
  • German: aufgeregtPronunciation for aufgeregt
  • Greek: ενθουσιασμένοςPronunciation for ενθουσιασμένος ενθουσιασμένη
  • Italian: eccitatoPronunciation for eccitato eccitata
  • Japanese: 興奮したPronunciation for 興奮した
  • Korean: 흥분한Pronunciation for 흥분한
  • Norwegian: opprømtPronunciation for opprømt
  • Polish: podnieconyPronunciation for podniecony podniecona
  • Portuguese: empolgadoPronunciation for empolgado empolgada
  • Romanian: emoționat emoționată, emoționați, emoționate
  • Russian: взволнованныйPronunciation for взволнованный взволнованная
  • Spanish: excitadoPronunciation for excitado excitada
  • Swedish: upphetsadPronunciation for upphetsad upphetsat
  • Thai: ตื่นเต้นดีใจPronunciation for ตื่นเต้นดีใจ
  • Turkish: heyecanlıPronunciation for heyecanlı
  • Ukrainian: піднесений
  • Vietnamese: phấn khíchPronunciation for phấn khích


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