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Definitions of father

father  (ˈfɑːðəʳ



  1. (literal, figurative) Vater m ( to sb jdm)
    1. (= leader) Führer m
    2. (= priest) Pater m
      ⇒ like father like son der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm   ⇒ (our) Father Vater m (unser)   ⇒ the Holy Father der Heilige Vater
  2. fathers (plural) (= ancestors) Väter npl

transitive verb

  1. child, cub etc zeugen

Similar Words

= daddy (informal), dad (informal), male parent, patriarch, pop (US) (informal), governor (informal), old man (British) (informal), pa (informal), old boy (informal), papa (old-fashioned) (informal), sire, pater, biological father, foster father, begetter, paterfamilias, birth father
= founder, author, maker, architect, creator, inventor, originator, prime mover, initiator
= forefather, predecessor, ancestor, forebear, progenitor, tupuna or tipuna (New Zealand)
= leader, senator, elder, patron, patriarch, guiding light, city father, kaumatua (New Zealand)
= sire, parent, conceive, bring to life, beget, procreate, bring into being, give life to, get



  1. (abbreviation) (= Father)
  2. (abbreviation) (= Friar)

'father' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: أَب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pai
  • Chinese: 父亲
  • Croatian: otac
  • Czech: otec
  • Danish: far
  • Dutch: vader
  • European Spanish: padre
  • Finnish: isä
  • French: père
  • German: Vater Väter
  • Greek: πατέρας
  • Italian: padre
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 아버지
  • Norwegian: far fedre
  • Polish: ojciec
  • Portuguese: pai
  • Romanian: tată tați
  • Russian: отец
  • Spanish: padre
  • Swedish: far fäderförälder
  • Thai: พ่อ
  • Turkish: baba
  • Ukrainian: батько
  • Vietnamese: bố


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