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terrible  (ˈterəbl



  1. schrecklich, furchtbar   ⇒ he is terrible at golf er spielt schrecklich (inf) or furchtbar schlecht Golf   ⇒ I feel terrible(= feel ill) mir ist fürchterlich schlecht(= feel guilty), es ist mir furchtbar peinlich

Similar Words

= bad, awful, dreadful, beastly (informal), dire, abysmal, abhorrent, poor, offensive, foul, unpleasant, revolting, rotten (informal), obscene, hideous, vile, from hell (informal), obnoxious, repulsive, frightful, odious, hateful, loathsome, shitty (taboo) (slang), godawful (slang)
= ill, sick, unwell, poorly, rough (informal), faint, crook (Australian) ( & New Zealand) (informal), dizzy, lousy (informal), nauseated, queasy, out of sorts, nauseous, off colour (British) (informal), under the weather (informal), indisposed, peaky, wabbit (Scottish) (informal)
= very bad, poor, inadequate, awful, appalling (informal), pants (British) (informal), dreadful, useless (informal), hopeless, pathetic (informal), dire (informal), inferior, duff (British) (informal), unsatisfactory, lousy (informal), pitiful (informal), laughable, atrocious, abysmal (informal), frightful, substandard, crummy (informal), bodger or bodgie (Australian) (slang)
= unkind, nasty, cruel, off (informal), mean, dirty (informal), unfair, foul, beastly (informal), unacceptable, unpleasant, poisonous, shabby, vile, malicious, low-down (informal), hurtful, out of order (British) (informal), unwarranted, obnoxious, despicable, spiteful, hateful, mean-spirited, contemptible, shitty (taboo) (slang), wretched, uncharitable, below the belt, uncalled for, dirty rotten (informal)
= incorrigible, right (British) (informal), real, great, shocking, impossible (informal), extreme, awful, proper (British) (informal), dreadful, outrageous, fearful (informal), frightful
= guilty, sorry, ashamed, apologetic, chastened, contrite, repentant, guilt-ridden, remorseful, regretful, penitent, shamefaced, full of regret, conscience-stricken, self-reproachful

'terrible' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: مُرَوِّع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: terrível
  • Chinese: 很糟的
  • Croatian: grozan grozna
  • Czech: hrozný
  • Danish: frygtelig
  • Dutch: vreselijk
  • European Spanish: atrozterrible
  • Finnish: kauhea
  • French: horrible
  • German: schrecklich
  • Greek: τρομερός τρομερή
  • Italian: terribile
  • Japanese: ひどい
  • Korean: 무서운
  • Norwegian: grusom
  • Polish: straszny straszna
  • Portuguese: terrível
  • Romanian: groaznic groaznic, groaznică, groanznici, groaznice
  • Russian: ужасный ужасная
  • Spanish: atroz
  • Swedish: fruktansvärd fruktansvärt
  • Thai: ซึ่งแย่มาก
  • Turkish: korkunç
  • Ukrainian: жахливий
  • Vietnamese: khủng khiếp


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