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beauty (ˈbjuːtɪ) 



    1. (concept) bello
    2. (of person, thing) bellezza

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder non è bello ciò che è bello, è bello ciò che piace

    the beauty of it is that ... il bello è che...

    his car's a beauty! (informal) ha una macchina che è una meraviglia or una bellezza!


  1. (consultant, counter) di bellezza

Similar Words

= attractiveness, appeal, charm, grace, bloom, glamour, fairness, elegance, symmetry, allure, loveliness, prettiness, seductiveness, gorgeousness, pleasantness, handsomeness, pulchritude, winsomeness, comeliness, exquisiteness, seemliness, pleasingness, prepossessingness,
= good-looker, looker, lovely, sensation, dazzler, belle, goddess, Venus, peach, cracker, wow, dolly, knockout, heart-throb, stunner, charmer, smasher, humdinger, glamour puss, beaut
= delights, wonders, glories

'beauty' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: جَمالPronunciation for جَمال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: belezaPronunciation for beleza
  • Chinese: 美景Pronunciation for 美景
  • Croatian: ljepotaPronunciation for ljepota
  • Czech: krásaPronunciation for krása
  • Danish: skønhedPronunciation for skønhed
  • Dutch: schoonheidPronunciation for schoonheid
  • European Spanish: bellezaPronunciation for belleza
  • Finnish: kauneusPronunciation for kauneus
  • French: beautéPronunciation for beauté
  • German: SchönheitPronunciation for Schönheit
  • Greek: ομορφιάPronunciation for ομορφιά
  • Italian: bellezzaPronunciation for bellezza
  • Japanese: 美しさPronunciation for 美しさ
  • Korean: 미인Pronunciation for 미인
  • Norwegian: skjønnhetPronunciation for skjønnhet
  • Polish: pięknośćPronunciation for piękność
  • Portuguese: belezaPronunciation for beleza
  • Romanian: frumusețe frumuseți
  • Russian: красотаPronunciation for красота
  • Spanish: bellezaPronunciation for belleza
  • Swedish: skönhetPronunciation for skönhet
  • Thai: ความงามPronunciation for ความงาม
  • Turkish: güzellikPronunciation for güzellik
  • Ukrainian: краса
  • Vietnamese: vẻ đẹpPronunciation for vẻ đẹp


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