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Definitions of congratulations

congratulations (kənˌɡrætjʊˈleɪʃənz) 


plural noun

  1. congratulations (on) congratulazioni fpl (per)

    to give sb one's congratulations fare le (proprie) congratulazioni a qn

    congratulations! congratulazioni!, rallegramenti!

    congratulations on your new job! congratulazioni per il tuo nuovo lavoro!

Similar Words

= good wishes, greetings, compliments, best wishes, pat on the back, felicitations, Cngrtultns
= good wishes, greetings, compliments, best wishes, felicitations, Cngrtultns



  1. congratulazioni!, rallegramenti!

'congratulations' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: مَبْرُوكPronunciation for مَبْرُوك
  • Brazilian Portuguese: parabénsPronunciation for parabéns
  • Chinese: 祝词Pronunciation for 祝词
  • Croatian: Čestitam!Pronunciation for Čestitam!
  • Czech: blahopřejiPronunciation for blahopřeji
  • Danish: lykønskningerPronunciation for lykønskninger
  • Dutch: gefeliciteerdPronunciation for gefeliciteerd
  • European Spanish: enhorabuenaPronunciation for enhorabuena
  • Finnish: onnittelutPronunciation for onnittelut
  • French: félicitationsPronunciation for félicitations
  • German: GlückwünschePronunciation for Glückwünsche
  • Greek: συγχαρητήριαPronunciation for συγχαρητήρια
  • Italian: congratulazioniPronunciation for congratulazioni
  • Japanese: おめでとうPronunciation for おめでとう
  • Korean: 축하Pronunciation for 축하
  • Norwegian: gratulasjonerPronunciation for gratulasjoner
  • Polish: gratulacjePronunciation for gratulacje
  • Portuguese: parabénsPronunciation for parabéns
  • Romanian: felicitări
  • Russian: поздравленияPronunciation for поздравления
  • Spanish: felicitacionesPronunciation for felicitaciones
  • Swedish: gratulationerPronunciation for gratulationer
  • Thai: การแสดงความยินดีPronunciation for การแสดงความยินดี
  • Turkish: tebriklerPronunciation for tebrikler
  • Ukrainian: привітання
  • Vietnamese: những lời chúc mừngPronunciation for những lời chúc mừng


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