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crazy  (ˈkreɪzɪ) 



Word forms:   comparative -ier,  superlative -iest
  1. (mad) pazzoa, mattoa, folle

    to go crazy uscir di senno, impazzire

    crazy with jealousy pazzoa di gelosia

    it was a crazy idea era un'idea folle

    you were crazy to do it sei stato un pazzo a farlo

  2. (informal, keen)

    to be crazy about sb essere pazzoa di qn

    she's crazy about him è pazza di lui

    to be crazy about sth andare mattoa per qc

    Paul is crazy about football Paul va matto per il calcio

  3. (angle, slope) pericolante

Similar Words

= strange, odd, bizarre, fantastic, silly, weird, ridiculous, outrageous, peculiar, eccentric, rum (British) (slang), oddball (informal), cockamamie (slang) (mainly US), wacko or whacko (informal), out there (slang), off the air (Australian) (slang), porangi (New Zealand), daggy (Australian) ( & New Zealand) (informal)
= ridiculous, wild, absurd, inappropriate, foolish, ludicrous, irresponsible, unrealistic, unwise, senseless, preposterous, potty (British) (informal), short-sighted, unworkable, foolhardy, idiotic, nonsensical, half-baked (informal), inane, fatuous, ill-conceived, quixotic, imprudent, impracticable, cockeyed (informal), bird-brained (informal), cockamamie (slang) (mainly US), porangi (New Zealand)
= insane, mad, unbalanced, deranged, touched, cracked (slang), mental (slang), nuts (slang), barking (slang), daft (informal), batty (slang), crazed, lunatic, demented, cuckoo (informal), barmy (slang), off-the-wall (slang), off the air (Australian) (slang), nutty (slang), potty (British) (informal), berserk, delirious, bonkers (slang) (mainly British), idiotic, unhinged, loopy (informal), crackpot (informal), out to lunch (informal), round the bend (slang), barking mad (slang), out of your mind, maniacal, not all there (informal), doolally (slang), off your head (slang), off your trolley (slang), round the twist (British) (slang), up the pole (informal), of unsound mind, not right in the head, off your rocker (slang), not the full shilling (informal), a bit lacking upstairs (informal), as daft as a brush (informal) (mainly British), mad as a hatter, mad as a March hare, nutty as a fruitcake (slang), porangi (New Zealand)

'crazy' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: مَجْنُون
  • Brazilian Portuguese: louco louca
  • Chinese: 疯狂的
  • Croatian: lud luda
  • Czech: bláznivý
  • Danish: skør
  • Dutch: gek
  • European Spanish: loco loca
  • Finnish: älytön
  • French: fou folle
  • German: verrückt
  • Greek: τρελός τρελή
  • Italian: pazzo pazza
  • Japanese: 無茶な
  • Korean: 미친
  • Norwegian: gal
  • Polish: szalony szalona
  • Portuguese: louco louca
  • Romanian: nebun nebun, nebună, nebuni, nebune
  • Russian: сумасшедший сумасшедшая
  • Spanish: loco loca
  • Swedish: galen galet
  • Thai: บ้า
  • Turkish: çılgın
  • Ukrainian: божевільний
  • Vietnamese: điên


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