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dialect (ˈdaɪəˌlɛkt) 



  1. dialetto

    the local dialect il dialetto del luogo

    dialect word termine m dialettale

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'dialect' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: لَهْجَةPronunciation for لَهْجَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dialetoPronunciation for dialeto
  • Chinese: 方言Pronunciation for 方言
  • Croatian: narječjePronunciation for narječje
  • Czech: nářečíPronunciation for nářečí
  • Danish: dialektPronunciation for dialekt
  • Dutch: dialectPronunciation for dialect
  • European Spanish: dialectoPronunciation for dialecto
  • Finnish: murrePronunciation for murre
  • French: dialectePronunciation for dialecte
  • German: DialektPronunciation for Dialekt
  • Greek: διάλεκτοςPronunciation for διάλεκτος
  • Italian: dialettoPronunciation for dialetto
  • Japanese: 方言Pronunciation for 方言
  • Korean: 방언Pronunciation for 방언
  • Norwegian: dialektPronunciation for dialekt
  • Polish: dialektPronunciation for dialekt
  • Portuguese: dialetoPronunciation for dialeto
  • Romanian: dialect dialecte
  • Russian: диалектPronunciation for диалект
  • Spanish: dialectoPronunciation for dialecto
  • Swedish: dialektPronunciation for dialekt
  • Thai: ภาษาท้องถิ่นPronunciation for ภาษาท้องถิ่น
  • Turkish: lehçePronunciation for lehçe
  • Ukrainian: діалект
  • Vietnamese: tiếng địa phươngPronunciation for tiếng địa phương


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