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fearless  (ˈfɪəlɪs) 



  1. intrepidoa, senza paura

    to be fearless of non aver paura di

Similar Words

= intrepid, confident, brave, daring, bold, heroic, courageous, gallant, gutsy (slang), valiant, plucky, game (informal), doughty, undaunted, indomitable, unabashed, unafraid, unflinching, dauntless, ballsy (taboo) (slang), lion-hearted, valorous, (as) game as Ned Kelly (Australian) (slang)

'fearless' in Other Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: intrépido
  • Chinese: 无畏的无無畏的
  • European Spanish: audaz
  • French: intrépide
  • German: furchtlos
  • Italian: intrepido intrepida
  • Japanese: 勇敢な
  • Korean: 대담무쌍한
  • Portuguese: intrépido intrépida
  • Spanish: audaz


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