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Definitions of flattering

flattering  (ˈflætərɪŋ) 



    1. (person, remark) lusinghieroa
    2. (clothes etc) che dona, che abbellisce

    this photo of you is not very flattering questa foto non ti fa onore

Similar Words

= becoming, kind, effective, enhancing, well-chosen

flatter  (ˈflætəʳ) 


transitive verb

    1. (praise) adulare, lusingare
    2. (show to advantage) donare a

    she was just flattering me mi stava solo adulando

    clothes that flatter you vestiti che ti donano

    this photo flatters you in questa foto sei venuto molto bene

    to flatter o.s. that one is ... illudersi di essere...

Similar Words

= praise, compliment, pander to, sweet-talk (informal), court, humour, puff, flannel (British) (informal), fawn, cajole, lay it on (thick) (slang), wheedle, inveigle, soft-soap (informal), butter up, blandish
= suit, become, enhance, set off, embellish, do something for, show to advantage

'flattering' in Other Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: lisonjeiro
  • Chinese: 使更漂亮的
  • European Spanish: halagador halagadora
  • French: flatteur flatteuse
  • German: schmeichelhaft
  • Italian: che dona
  • Japanese: 実物以上に見える
  • Korean: 돋보이게 하는
  • Portuguese: lisonjeiro lisonjeira
  • Spanish: elegante


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