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silver (ˈsɪlvəʳ) 



  1. (metal) argento
  2. (silverware, cutlery) argenteria

    to polish the silver lucidare l'argenteria

  3. (money) monete da 5, 10, 20 o 50 pence

    £5 in silver cinque sterline in moneta


  1. (ring, coin) d'argento

    a silver medal una medaglia d'argento

Similar Words

= silverware, silver plate
= silver coins, coins, loose change, (small) change
= second prize, silver medal
= snowy, white, grey, silvery, greyish-white, whitish-grey
= silvery, silvered, pearly, argent

'silver' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: فِضَّةPronunciation for فِضَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: prataPronunciation for prata
  • Chinese: Pronunciation for 银
  • Croatian: srebroPronunciation for srebro
  • Czech: stříbroPronunciation for stříbro
  • Danish: sølvPronunciation for sølv
  • Dutch: zilverPronunciation for zilver
  • European Spanish: plataPronunciation for plata
  • Finnish: hopeaPronunciation for hopea
  • French: argentPronunciation for argentmétal
  • German: SilberPronunciation for Silber
  • Greek: ασήμιPronunciation for ασήμι
  • Italian: argentoPronunciation for argento
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 銀
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 은
  • Norwegian: sølvPronunciation for sølv
  • Polish: srebroPronunciation for srebro
  • Portuguese: prataPronunciation for prata
  • Romanian: argint
  • Russian: сереброPronunciation for серебро
  • Spanish: plataPronunciation for plata
  • Swedish: silverPronunciation for silver
  • Thai: เงินPronunciation for เงิน
  • Turkish: gümüşPronunciation for gümüş
  • Ukrainian: срібло
  • Vietnamese: bạcPronunciation for bạckim loại


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