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blanket (ˈblæŋkɪt Pronunciation for blanket



  1. manta f, frazada f (LAm), cobija f (LAm)
    1. (figurative)
      1. [of snow] manto m
      2. [of smoke, fog] capa f
see also securitymodifier, wetmodifier


    1. [statement, agreement] general
    2. [ban] global
    3. [coverage] exhaustivo
      ⇒ this insurance policy gives blanket cover esta póliza de seguro es a todo riesgo

transitive verb

  1. (figurative) cubrir (in, with de, con) envolver (by, in, with en)


'blanket' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: بَطَّانِيَّةPronunciation for بَطَّانِيَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cobertorPronunciation for cobertor
  • Chinese: 毯子Pronunciation for 毯子
  • Croatian: dekaPronunciation for deka
  • Czech: přikrývkaPronunciation for přikrývka
  • Danish: tæppePronunciation for tæppe
  • Dutch: dekenPronunciation for dekenvoorwerp
  • European Spanish: mantaPronunciation for manta
  • Finnish: peitePronunciation for peite
  • French: couverturePronunciation for couverture
  • German: DeckePronunciation for Decke
  • Greek: κουβέρταPronunciation for κουβέρτα
  • Italian: copertaPronunciation for coperta
  • Japanese: 毛布Pronunciation for 毛布
  • Korean: 담요Pronunciation for 담요
  • Norwegian: teppePronunciation for teppe
  • Polish: kocPronunciation for koc
  • Portuguese: cobertorPronunciation for cobertor
  • Romanian: pătură pături
  • Russian: шерстяное одеялоPronunciation for шерстяное одеяло
  • Spanish: cobijaPronunciation for cobija
  • Swedish: filtPronunciation for filttäcke
  • Thai: ผ้าห่มPronunciation for ผ้าห่ม
  • Turkish: battaniyePronunciation for battaniye
  • Ukrainian: ковдра
  • Vietnamese: chănPronunciation for chăn
  • Brazilian Portuguese: geral
  • Chinese: 适用于全体的适適用于全体體的
  • European Spanish: global
  • French: général générale
  • German: pauschal
  • Italian: globale
  • Japanese: 包括的な
  • Korean: 포괄적인
  • Portuguese: geral
  • Spanish: global
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cobrir
  • Chinese: 覆盖覆盖蓋
  • European Spanish: cubrir
  • French: recouvrir
  • German: bedecken
  • Italian: ricoprire
  • Japanese: 一面に覆う
  • Korean: 온통 덮다
  • Portuguese: cobrir
  • Spanish: cubrir


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