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impressive  (ɪmˈpresɪv



  1. [achievement, victory, display] impresionante   ⇒ it was an impressive performance (sport, music) fue una actuación impresionante or soberbia   ⇒ the company has an impressive record in terms of profits la empresa posee un impresionante or excelente historial de beneficios

Similar Words

= grand, striking, splendid, good, great (informal), fine, affecting, powerful, exciting, wonderful, excellent, dramatic, outstanding, stirring, superb, first-class, marvellous (informal), terrific (informal), awesome, world-class, admirable, first-rate, crash-hot (Australian), forcible, gee-whizz (slang)

'impressive' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: مُؤَثِّرٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: impressionante
  • Chinese: 感人的
  • Croatian: impresivan impresivna
  • Czech: působivý
  • Danish: imponerende
  • Dutch: indrukwekkend
  • European Spanish: admirable
  • Finnish: vaikuttava
  • French: impressionnant
  • German: beeindruckend
  • Greek: εντυπωσιακός εντυπωσιακή
  • Italian: impressionante
  • Japanese: 印象的な
  • Korean: 인상적인
  • Norwegian: imponerende
  • Polish: imponujący imponująca
  • Portuguese: impressionante
  • Romanian: impresionant impresionant, impresionantă, impresionanți, impresionante
  • Russian: впечатляющий впечатляющая
  • Spanish: admirable
  • Swedish: imponerande
  • Thai: น่าประทับใจ
  • Turkish: etkileyici
  • Ukrainian: вражаючий
  • Vietnamese: gây ấn tượng


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