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warfare  (ˈwɔːfɛəʳ



    1. (= fighting) guerra f
    2. (= techniques) artes mpl militares
      ⇒ chemical/germ warfare guerra f química/bacteriológica   ⇒ trench warfare guerra f de trincheras

Similar Words

= war, fighting, campaigning, battle, struggle, conflict, combat, hostilities, strife, bloodshed, jihad, armed struggle, discord, enmity, armed conflict, clash of arms, passage of arms, arms, blows, strategy, contest

'warfare' in Other Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: guerra
  • Chinese: 作战作战戰
  • European Spanish: guerra
  • French: guerre
  • German: Kriegführung
  • Italian: guerra
  • Japanese: 戦争行為
  • Korean: 전쟁
  • Portuguese: guerra
  • Spanish: guerra


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