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  1. hateful, offensive, disgusting, horrible, revolting, obscene, vile, foul, repellent, obnoxious, despicable, repulsive, heinous, hellish, odious, repugnant, loathsome, abhorrent, abominable, execrable, detestable • He said that it was about time he left that accursed woman.
    opposites: good, beautiful, wonderful, attractive, charming, pleasant, desirable, lovable, likable or likeable
  2. damned, condemned, ruined, unhappy, unfortunate, doomed, cursed, lost, unlucky, hopeless, undone, bewitched, jinxed, bedevilled, luckless, infernal, wretched, ill-omened, anathematized, ill-fated • How could a life marked by such love be so accursed?
    opposites: favoured, lucky, charmed, blessed, fortunate


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