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  1. conceited, lordly, assuming, proud, swaggering, pompous, pretentious, stuck up (informal), cocky, contemptuous, blustering, imperious, overbearing, haughty, scornful, puffed up, egotistical, disdainful, self-important, presumptuous, high-handed, insolent, supercilious, high and mighty (informal), overweening, immodest, swollen-headed, bigheaded (informal), uppish (British, informal), too big for your boots or breeches • an air of arrogant indifference
    opposites: modest, shy, humble, polite, unassuming, diffident, deferential, bashful, servile

'arrogant' in Other Languages

  • British English: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant If you say that someone is arrogant, you disapprove of them because they behave as if they are better than other people.He was so arrogant.ˈærəɡənt ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مُتَعَجْرِفPronunciation for مُتَعَجْرِف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arrogantePronunciation for arrogante
  • Chinese: 傲慢的Pronunciation for 傲慢的
  • Croatian: arogantanPronunciation for arogantan arogantna
  • Czech: arogantníPronunciation for arogantní
  • Danish: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant
  • Dutch: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant
  • European Spanish: arrogantePronunciation for arrogante
  • Finnish: ylimielinenPronunciation for ylimielinen
  • French: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant
  • German: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant
  • Greek: υπεροπτικόςPronunciation for υπεροπτικός υπεροπτική
  • Italian: arrogantePronunciation for arrogante
  • Japanese: 横柄なPronunciation for 横柄な
  • Korean: 거만한Pronunciation for 거만한
  • Norwegian: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant
  • Polish: aroganckiPronunciation for arogancki arogancka
  • Portuguese: arrogantePronunciation for arrogante
  • Romanian: arogant arogantă, aroganți, arogante
  • Russian: заносчивыйPronunciation for заносчивый заносчивая
  • Spanish: arrogantePronunciation for arrogante
  • Swedish: arrogantPronunciation for arrogant
  • Thai: หยิ่งยโสPronunciation for หยิ่งยโส
  • Turkish: kendini beğenmişPronunciation for kendini beğenmiş
  • Ukrainian: зарозумілий
  • Vietnamese: kiêu ngạoPronunciation for kiêu ngạo


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