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English Thesaurus

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Synonyms of bad



  1. harmful, damaging, dangerous, disastrous, destructive, unhealthy, detrimental, hurtful, ruinous, deleterious, injurious, disadvantageous •  Divorce is bad for children. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: good, sound, safe, beneficial, agreeable, wholesome, healthful
  2. severe, serious, terrible, acute, extreme, intense, painful, distressing, fierce, harsh •  The pain is often so bad she wants to scream.
  3. poor, unwise, unsound •  Of course politicians will sometimes make bad decisions.
  4. unfavourable, troubling, distressing, unfortunate, grim, discouraging, unpleasant, gloomy, adverse •  The closure of the project is bad news for her staff.
  5. inferior, poor, inadequate, pathetic, faulty, duff (British, informal), unsatisfactory, mediocre, defective, second-class, deficient, imperfect, second-rate, shoddy, low-grade, erroneous, substandard, low-rent (informal, mainly US), two-bit (US & & Canadian, slang), crappy (slang), end-of-the-pier (British, informal), poxy (slang), dime-a-dozen (informal), piss-poor (slang), bush-league (Australian & & New Zealand, informal), tinhorn (US, slang), half-pie (New Zealand, informal), bodger or bodgie (Australian, slang), strictly for the birds (informal) •  Many old people in Britain are living in bad housing. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: fair, adequate, satisfactory
  6. incompetent, poor, useless, crap (slang), incapable, unfit, inexpert •  He was a bad driver.
  7. grim, severe, hard, tough, harsh, unpleasant •  Being unable to hear doesn't seem as bad as being unable to see.
  8. wicked, criminal, evil, corrupt, worthless, base, vile, immoral, delinquent, sinful, depraved, debased, amoral, egregious, villainous, unprincipled, iniquitous, nefarious, dissolute, maleficent •  I was selling drugs, but I didn't think I was a bad person. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: good, moral, ethical, righteous, virtuous, first-rate
  9. naughty, defiant, perverse, wayward, mischievous, wicked, unruly, impish, undisciplined, roguish, disobedient •  You are a bad boy for repeating what I told you. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: good, obedient, well-behaved, docile, biddable
  10. foul, irritable, grotty •  She is in a bit of a bad mood because she's just given up smoking.
  11. guilty, sorry, ashamed, apologetic, rueful, sheepish, contrite, remorseful, regretful, shamefaced, conscience-stricken, low, troubled, discouraged, melancholy •  You don't have to feel bad about relaxing.
  12. injured, damaged, diseased, hurt, sick, weak, disabled, ailing, lame, unhealthy, dicky (British, informal) •  He has a bad back so we have a hard bed.
  13. rotten, off, rank, sour, rancid, mouldy, fetid, putrid, festy (Australian, slang) •  They bought so much beef that some went bad.
  14. offensive, nasty, insulting, disgusting, crude, rude, abusive, coarse, indecent, unsavoury, objectionable, uncouth, impolite, discourteous, indelicate, uncivil, indecorous •  I don't like to hear bad language in the street.
  15. null and void, false, fake, bogus, worthless, dud, counterfeit, null, not binding, fallacious •  She wrote another bad cheque.
When I'm good, I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad I'm better
Mae West – I'm No Angel



  1. attempt, try, effort, venture, undertaking, go (informal), shot (informal), stab (informal), crack (informal), endeavour •  a bid to silence its critics
  2. offer, price, attempt, amount, advance, proposal, sum, tender, proposition, submission •  He made an agreed takeover bid of £351 million.


  1. make a bid for, attempt, seek, strive •  I don't think she is bidding to be Prime Minister again.
  2. make an offer, offer, propose, put up, submit, tender, proffer •  She wanted to bid for it.
  3. wish, say, call, tell, greet •  I bade her goodnight.
  4. tell, call, ask, order, charge, require, direct, desire, invite, command, summon, instruct, solicit, enjoin •  I dare say he did as he was bidden.

'bad' in Other Languages

  • British English: bad Something that is bad is not nice or good.The weather is bad today.bæd ADJECTIVEunpleasant
  • Arabic: سَيِّء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: mau
  • Chinese: 劣质的
  • Croatian: loš loša
  • Czech: špatný
  • Danish: dårlig
  • Dutch: slecht
  • European Spanish: malo mala
  • Finnish: huono
  • French: mauvais
  • German: schlecht
  • Greek: κακός κακή
  • Italian: cattivo cattiva
  • Japanese: 悪い
  • Korean: 나쁜
  • Norwegian: dårlig
  • Polish: zły złaniedobry
  • Portuguese: mau
  • Romanian: rău rău, rea, răi, rele
  • Russian: плохой плохая
  • Spanish: malo mala
  • Swedish: dålig dåligt
  • Thai: เลว
  • Turkish: kötü
  • Ukrainian: поганий
  • Vietnamese: tồi
  • British English: badbæd Someone who is bad does things they should not do.I'm not a bad person. ADJECTIVEwicked
  • Arabic: رَدِيء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: mau
  • Chinese: 坏的
  • Croatian: loš
  • Czech: zlobivý
  • Danish: slem
  • Dutch: slecht
  • European Spanish: malo
  • Finnish: paha
  • French: mauvais
  • German: schlecht
  • Greek: κακός κακιά
  • Italian: cattivo cattiva
  • Japanese: 悪い
  • Korean: 안 좋은
  • Norwegian: slem
  • Polish: zły zła
  • Portuguese: mau
  • Romanian: rău rău, rea, răi, rele
  • Russian: плохой
  • Spanish: malo mala
  • Swedish: dålig dåligt
  • Thai: เลว
  • Turkish: kötü
  • Ukrainian: шкідливий
  • Vietnamese: xấu


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