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  1. disorder, bother (informal), turmoil, riot, upheaval, fray, brawl, uproar, agitation, fracas, commotion, rumpus, tumult, hubbub, shindig (informal), ruction (informal), ruckus (informal), shindy (informal) •  During the disturbance, three men were hurt.
  2. upset, bother, disorder, confusion, distraction, intrusion, interruption, annoyance, agitation, hindrance, perturbation, derangement •  The home would cause less disturbance than a school.
  3. problem, disorder, upset, trouble •  Poor educational performance is linked to emotional disturbances.

'disturbance' in Other Languages

  • British English: disturbance A disturbance is an incident in which people behave violently in public. NOUNDuring the disturbance which followed, three people were hurt.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: perturbação
  • Chinese: 骚乱骚騷乱亂
  • European Spanish: disturbio
  • French: troubles
  • German: Unruhen
  • Italian: disordini
  • Japanese: 騒動
  • Korean: 소동
  • Portuguese: perturbação
  • Spanish: disturbio


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