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  1. spot, point, mark, circle, atom, dab, mite, fleck, jot, speck, full stop, speckle, mote, iota, pinprick • a small black dot in the middle


  1. spot, cover, spread over, pepper, scatter, stud, litter, strew, fleck, speckle, sprinkle, dab, dabble, stipple • Small coastal towns dotted the area.

'dot' in Other Languages

  • British English: dotPronunciation for dot A dot is a very small round mark....a black dot in the middle of the circle.dɒt NOUN
  • Arabic: نُقْطَةPronunciation for نُقْطَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pontoPronunciation for ponto
  • Chinese: 小圆点Pronunciation for 小圆点
  • Croatian: točkaPronunciation for točka
  • Czech: puntíkPronunciation for puntík
  • Danish: prikPronunciation for prik
  • Dutch: puntPronunciation for punt
  • European Spanish: puntoPronunciation for puntotrazo
  • Finnish: täpläPronunciation for täplä
  • French: pointPronunciation for pointdessin
  • German: PunktPronunciation for Punkt
  • Greek: κουκκίδαPronunciation for κουκκίδα
  • Italian: puntoPronunciation for punto
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 点符号
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 점
  • Norwegian: punktPronunciation for punkt
  • Polish: kropkaPronunciation for kropka
  • Portuguese: pontoPronunciation for ponto
  • Romanian: punct puncte
  • Russian: точкаPronunciation for точка
  • Spanish: puntoPronunciation for puntoseñal pequeña circular
  • Swedish: punktPronunciation for punkt
  • Thai: จุดPronunciation for จุด
  • Turkish: noktaPronunciation for noktaşekil
  • Ukrainian: крапка
  • Vietnamese: chấm tròn nhỏPronunciation for chấm tròn nhỏ
  • British English: dot When things dot a place or an area, they are scattered or spread all over it. VERBSmall coastal towns dot the landscape.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: espalhar-se
  • Chinese: 遍布于遍布佈于於
  • European Spanish: salpicar
  • French: parsemer
  • German: übersäen
  • Italian: costellare
  • Japanese: 点在する
  • Korean: 점점이 흩어져 있다
  • Portuguese: espalhar-se
  • Spanish: salpicar


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