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  1. proof, grounds, data, demonstration, confirmation, verification, corroboration, authentication, substantiation •  There is no evidence to support this theory.
  2. sign(s), mark, suggestion, trace, indication, token, manifestation •  Police said there was no evidence of a struggle.
  3. (law)=  testimony, statement, witness, declaration, submission, affirmation, deposition, avowal, attestation, averment •  Forensic scientists will be called to give evidence.


  1. show, prove, reveal, display, indicate, witness, demonstrate, exhibit, manifest, signify, denote, testify to, evince •  He still has a lot to learn, as is evidenced by his recent behaviour.

'evidence' in Other Languages

  • British English: evidence Evidence is anything that makes you believe that something is true or exists.There is evidence that stress causes the disease.ˈɛvɪdəns NOUN
  • Arabic: دَلِيل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: evidência
  • Chinese: 证据
  • Croatian: dokaz
  • Czech: důkaz
  • Danish: bevis
  • Dutch: bewijs
  • European Spanish: pruebaevidencia
  • Finnish: todiste
  • French: preuve
  • German: Beweis
  • Greek: αποδεικτικό στοιχείο
  • Italian: provatestimonianza
  • Japanese: 証拠
  • Korean: 증거
  • Norwegian: bevis
  • Polish: dowód
  • Portuguese: evidência
  • Romanian: dovadă dovezi
  • Russian: свидетельство
  • Spanish: pruebaconstancia
  • Swedish: bevis
  • Thai: หลักฐาน
  • Turkish: kanıt
  • Ukrainian: доказ
  • Vietnamese: bằng chứng


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