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  1. banquet, repast, spread (informal), dinner, entertainment, barbecue, revel, junket, beano (British, slang), blowout (slang), carouse, slap-up meal (British, informal), beanfeast (British, informal), jollification, carousal, festive board, treat, hakari (New Zealand) •  Lunch was a feast of meat, vegetables, cheese, and wine.
  2. festival, holiday, fête, celebration, holy day, red-letter day, religious festival, saint's day, -fest, gala day •  The feast of Passover began last night.
  3. treat, delight, pleasure, enjoyment, gratification, cornucopia •  Chicago provides a feast for the ears of any music lover.


  1. eat your fill, wine and dine, overindulge, eat to your heart's content, stuff yourself, consume, indulge, hoover (informal), gorge, devour, pig out (slang), stuff your face (slang), fare sumptuously, gormandize •  We feasted on cakes and ice cream.
  2. treat, entertain, regale, wine and dine, hold a reception for, kill the fatted calf for

'feast' in Other Languages

  • British English: feast A feast is a large and special meal. NOUNLunch was a feast of meat and vegetables, cheese, yoghurt and fruit.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: banquete
  • Chinese: 盛宴
  • European Spanish: banquete
  • French: festin
  • German: Festmahl
  • Italian: banchetto
  • Japanese: ごちそう
  • Korean: 잔치
  • Portuguese: banquete
  • Spanish: banquete
  • British English: feast If you feast on a particular food, you eat a large amount of it with great enjoyment. VERBThey feasted well into the afternoon on mutton and corn stew.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: banquetear-se
  • Chinese: 大啖
  • European Spanish: festejar
  • French: se régaler
  • German: schlemmen
  • Italian: banchettare
  • Japanese: 満喫する
  • Korean: 즐겁게 마음껏 먹다
  • Portuguese: banquetear-se
  • Spanish: festejar


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