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  1. idle talk, scandal, hearsay, tittle-tattle, buzz, dirt (US, slang), goss (informal), jaw (slang), gen (British, informal), small talk, chitchat, blether, scuttlebutt (US, slang), chinwag (British, informal), clishmaclaver (Scottish), newsmongering (old-fashioned) • There has been a lot of gossip about the reasons for his absence. • a magazine packed with celebrity gossip
  2. busybody, babbler, prattler, chatterbox (informal), quidnunc, blether, chatterer, scandalmonger, blatherskite, newsmonger (old-fashioned), gossipmonger, tattletale (mainly US & Canadian) • She was a vicious old gossip.


  1. chat, chatter, blather, schmooze (slang), jaw (slang), dish the dirt (informal), blether, shoot the breeze (slang, mainly US), chew the fat or rag (slang), prattle, prate • We gossiped well into the night.

'gossip' in Other Languages

  • British English: gossipPronunciation for gossip Gossip is informal conversation, often about other people's private affairs.There has been gossip about the reasons for his absence.ˈɡɒsɪp NOUN
  • Arabic: قِيلٌ و قَالPronunciation for قِيلٌ و قَال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fofocaPronunciation for fofoca
  • Chinese: 闲话Pronunciation for 闲话
  • Croatian: tračPronunciation for trač
  • Czech: drbyPronunciation for drbyřeči
  • Danish: sladderPronunciation for sladder
  • Dutch: roddeltjePronunciation for roddeltje
  • European Spanish: cotilleoPronunciation for cotilleo
  • Finnish: juoruPronunciation for juoru
  • French: ragotPronunciation for ragot
  • German: KlatschPronunciation for Klatsch
  • Greek: κουτσομπολιόPronunciation for κουτσομπολιό
  • Italian: pettegolezzoPronunciation for pettegolezzo
  • Japanese: うわさ話Pronunciation for うわさ話
  • Korean: 가십Pronunciation for 가십
  • Norwegian: sladderPronunciation for sladder
  • Polish: plotkaPronunciation for plotka
  • Portuguese: fofocaPronunciation for fofoca
  • Romanian: bârfă bârfe
  • Russian: сплетняPronunciation for сплетня
  • Spanish: chismePronunciation for chisme
  • Swedish: skvallerPronunciation for skvaller
  • Thai: การนินทาPronunciation for การนินทา
  • Turkish: dedikoduPronunciation for dedikodu
  • Ukrainian: плітки
  • Vietnamese: chuyện phiếmPronunciation for chuyện phiếm
  • British English: gossipPronunciation for gossip If you gossip with someone, you talk informally with them, especially about other people or local events.They sat at the kitchen table gossiping.ˈɡɒsɪp VERB
  • Arabic: يَنْهَمِكُ في القِيلِ والقَالPronunciation for يَنْهَمِكُ في القِيلِ والقَال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fofocarPronunciation for fofocar
  • Chinese: 说闲话Pronunciation for 说闲话
  • Croatian: tračatiPronunciation for tračati
  • Czech: klábositPronunciation for klábosit poklábosit
  • Danish: sludre medPronunciation for sludre med
  • Dutch: roddelenPronunciation for roddelen
  • European Spanish: cotillearPronunciation for cotillear
  • Finnish: juorutaPronunciation for juoruta
  • French: cancanerPronunciation for cancaner
  • German: schwatzenPronunciation for schwatzen
  • Greek: κουτσομπολεύωPronunciation for κουτσομπολεύω
  • Italian: spettegolarePronunciation for spettegolare
  • Japanese: うわさ話をするPronunciation for うわさ話をする
  • Korean: 수군거리다Pronunciation for 수군거리다
  • Norwegian: sladrePronunciation for sladre
  • Polish: oplotkowaćPronunciation for oplotkować plotkować
  • Portuguese: fofocarPronunciation for fofocar
  • Romanian: a bârfi
  • Russian: сплетничатьPronunciation for сплетничать
  • Spanish: chismorrearPronunciation for chismorrear
  • Swedish: skvallraPronunciation for skvallra
  • Thai: นินทาPronunciation for นินทา
  • Turkish: dedikodu yapmakPronunciation for dedikodu yapmak
  • Ukrainian: пліткувати
  • Vietnamese: buôn chuyệnPronunciation for buôn chuyện


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