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  1. large, big, huge, vast, enormous, extensive, tremendous, immense, gigantic, mammoth, bulky, colossal, prodigious, stupendous, voluminous, fuck-off (offensive & taboo & slang), elephantine, ginormous (informal), humongous or humungous (US, slang), GR8 (text messaging), supersize • a great hall as long and high as a church
    opposites: little, small, diminutive
  2. extreme, considerable, excessive, high, decided, pronounced, extravagant, prodigious, inordinate, GR8 (text messaging) • I'll take great care of it. • That must have taken a great effort on his part.
  3. major, lead, leading, chief, main, capital, grand, primary, principal, prominent, superior, paramount, big-time (informal), major league (informal), GR8 (text messaging) • the great cultural achievements of the past
  4. important, serious, significant, critical, crucial, heavy, grave, momentous, weighty, consequential, GR8 (text messaging) • his pronouncements on the great political matters of the age
    opposites: petty, trivial, insignificant, unimportant, inconsequential, inconsiderable
  5. famous, celebrated, outstanding, excellent, remarkable, distinguished, prominent, glorious, notable, renowned, eminent, famed, illustrious, exalted, noteworthy, GR8 (text messaging) • the great American president, Abraham Lincoln
  6. expert, skilled, talented, skilful, good, able, masterly, crack (slang), superb, world-class, adept, stellar (informal), superlative, proficient, adroit, GR8 (text messaging) • He was one of the West Indies' greatest cricketers.
    opposites: inexperienced, unskilled, untrained
  7. (informal)=  excellent, good, fine, wonderful, mean (slang), topping (British, slang), cracking (British, informal), superb, fantastic (informal), tremendous (informal), marvellous (informal), terrific (informal), mega (slang), sovereign, awesome (slang), dope (slang), admirable, first-rate, def (informal), brill (informal), boffo (slang), bitchin', chillin' (US, slang), GR8 (text messaging), jim-dandy (slang), booshit (Australian, slang), exo (Australian, slang), sik (Australian, slang), rad (informal), phat (slang), schmick (Australian, informal), beaut (informal), barrie (Scottish, slang), belting (British, slang), pearler (Australian, slang) • It's a great film; you must see it.
    opposites: poor, average, secondary, inferior, second-rate, undistinguished, unnotable
  8. very, really, particularly, truly, extremely, awfully (informal), exceedingly, GR8 (text messaging) • He gave me a great big smile.
  9. utter, complete, total, absolute, perfect, positive, downright, consummate, unqualified, out-and-out, flagrant, egregious, unmitigated, thoroughgoing, arrant, GR8 (text messaging) • You stupid great git!
  10. enthusiastic, keen, active, devoted, zealous, GR8 (text messaging) • I'm not a great fan of football.
  11. long, extended, prolonged, lengthy, protracted, GR8 (text messaging)
  12. noble, fine, august, grand, princely, impressive, distinguished, glorious, heroic, dignified, sublime, lofty, idealistic, exalted, high-minded, magnanimous, chivalrous, GR8 (text messaging)
    opposites: mean, base, unkind, hateful, inhumane, ignoble

'great' in Other Languages

  • British English: greatPronunciation for great Great means very large.The king lived in a great palace.ɡreɪt ADJECTIVEvery large
  • Arabic: عَظِيمPronunciation for عَظِيم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: grandePronunciation for grande ótima
  • Chinese: 伟大的Pronunciation for 伟大的
  • Croatian: velikPronunciation for velik velika
  • Czech: velkýPronunciation for velký
  • Danish: storPronunciation for stor
  • Dutch: enormPronunciation for enorm
  • European Spanish: granPronunciation for gran
  • Finnish: suuriPronunciation for suurimahtava
  • French: superPronunciation for super
  • German: großPronunciation for groß
  • Greek: εξέχωνPronunciation for εξέχων εξέχουσα
  • Italian: grandePronunciation for grande
  • Japanese: 大きなPronunciation for 大きな
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 큰
  • Norwegian: storPronunciation for stor
  • Polish: wielkiPronunciation for wielki wielka
  • Portuguese: enormePronunciation for enorme
  • Romanian: imens imens, imensă, imenși, imense
  • Russian: огромныйPronunciation for огромный
  • Spanish: granPronunciation for gran
  • Swedish: storPronunciation for stor stort
  • Thai: ยิ่งใหญ่Pronunciation for ยิ่งใหญ่
  • Turkish: büyükPronunciation for büyükmüthiş
  • Ukrainian: великий
  • Vietnamese: to lớnPronunciation for to lớn
  • British English: greatɡreɪt Great means very important.The computer was a great invention. ADJECTIVEvery important
  • Arabic: هامّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: importante ótima
  • Chinese: 重要的
  • Croatian: značajan
  • Czech: významný
  • Danish: stor
  • Dutch: belangrijk
  • European Spanish: grande
  • Finnish: hieno
  • French: grandtrès important
  • German: toll
  • Greek: σπουδαίος σπουδαία
  • Italian: grande
  • Japanese: 優れた
  • Korean: 중요한
  • Norwegian: flott
  • Polish: wspaniały wspaniała
  • Portuguese: grande
  • Romanian: semnificativ semnificativ, semnificativă, semnificativi, semnificative
  • Russian: важнейший
  • Spanish: importante
  • Swedish: stor stort
  • Thai: สำคัญ
  • Turkish: harika
  • Ukrainian: величний
  • Vietnamese: quan trọng
  • British English: greatɡreɪt If you say that something is great, you mean that it is very good.We had a great time. ADJECTIVEexcellent
  • Arabic: عَظِيم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fantástico fantástica
  • Chinese: 非常好的
  • Croatian: odličan
  • Czech: skvělý
  • Danish: fantastisk
  • Dutch: geweldig
  • European Spanish: sensacional
  • Finnish: mahtava
  • French: très bien
  • German: schön
  • Greek: εξαιρετικός εξαιρετική
  • Italian: fantastico fantastica
  • Japanese: 素晴らしい
  • Korean: 매우 좋은
  • Norwegian: fin
  • Polish: świetny świetna
  • Portuguese: ótimo
  • Romanian: grozav grozav, grozavă, grozavi, grozave
  • Russian: замечательный
  • Spanish: genial
  • Swedish: underbar underbart
  • Thai: ดีมาก
  • Turkish: iyi
  • Ukrainian: чудовий
  • Vietnamese: tuyệt vời


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