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  1. funny, entertaining, amusing, hysterical, humorous, exhilarating, comical, side-splitting • He had a fund of hilarious tales.
  2. merry, uproarious, happy, gay, noisy, jolly, joyous, joyful, jovial, rollicking, convivial, mirthful • Everyone had a hilarious time.
    opposites: serious, quiet, sad, dull, gloomy, sedate

'hilarious' in Other Languages

  • British English: hilariousPronunciation for hilarious If something is hilarious, it is extremely funny.He told me a hilarious story.hɪˈlɛərɪəs ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مَرَحPronunciation for مَرَح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: hilariantePronunciation for hilariante hilária
  • Chinese: 欢闹的Pronunciation for 欢闹的
  • Croatian: smiješanPronunciation for smiješan smiješna
  • Czech: legračníPronunciation for legrační
  • Danish: vanvittig morsomPronunciation for vanvittig morsom
  • Dutch: dolkomischPronunciation for dolkomisch
  • European Spanish: hilarantePronunciation for hilarante
  • Finnish: ratkiriemukasPronunciation for ratkiriemukas
  • French: hilarantPronunciation for hilarant
  • German: urkomischPronunciation for urkomisch
  • Greek: ξεκαρδιστικόςPronunciation for ξεκαρδιστικός ξεκαρδιστική
  • Italian: divertentePronunciation for divertente
  • Japanese: 陽気なPronunciation for 陽気な
  • Korean: 몹시 재미있는Pronunciation for 몹시 재미있는
  • Norwegian: kjempemorsomPronunciation for kjempemorsom
  • Polish: wesołyPronunciation for wesoły wesoła
  • Portuguese: hilariantePronunciation for hilariante
  • Romanian: hilar hilar, hilară, hilari, hilare
  • Russian: веселыйPronunciation for веселый веселая
  • Spanish: hilarantePronunciation for hilarante
  • Swedish: mycket roligPronunciation for mycket rolig mycket roligt
  • Thai: สนุกสนานเฮฮาPronunciation for สนุกสนานเฮฮา
  • Turkish: çok komikPronunciation for çok komik
  • Ukrainian: смішний
  • Vietnamese: vui nhộnPronunciation for vui nhộn


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