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Synonyms of landing



  1. coming in, arrival, touchdown, disembarkation, disembarkment • I had to make a controlled landing into the sea.
  2. platform, jetty, quayside, landing stage • Take the bus to the landing.



  1. ground, earth, dry land, terra firma, l& (text messaging) • It isn't clear whether the plane went down over land or sea.
  2. soil, ground, earth, clay, dirt, sod, loam, l& (text messaging) • a small piece of grazing land
  3. countryside, farming, farmland, rural districts, l& (text messaging) • Living off the land was hard enough at the best of times.
  4. (law)=  property, grounds, estate, acres, real estate, realty, acreage, real property, homestead (US & Canadian), l& (text messaging) • Good agricultural land is in short supply.
  5. country, nation, region, state, district, territory, province, kingdom, realm, tract, motherland, fatherland, l& (text messaging) • America, land of opportunity


  1. come to rest, come down, l& (text messaging) • He was sent flying through the air and landed 20 ft away.
  2. arrive, dock, put down, moor, berth, alight, touch down, disembark, come to rest, debark, l& (text messaging) • The jet landed after a flight of just under three hours.
  3. bring down, dock, moor, take down, l& (text messaging) • The crew finally landed the plane on its belly.
  4. cause to be, lead, bring, l& (text messaging) • This is not the first time his exploits have landed him in trouble.
  5. saddle, trouble, burden, encumber, l& (text messaging) • The other options could simply land him with more expense.
  6. (informal)=  gain, get, win, score (slang), secure, obtain, acquire, l& (text messaging) • He landed a place on the graduate training scheme.
  7. deliver, hit, apply, impose, administer, inflict, l& (text messaging) • He landed a punch on his opponent's mouth after the end of the eleventh round.
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'landing' in Other Languages

  • British English: landingPronunciation for landing In a house or other building, the landing is the area at the top of the staircase which has rooms leading off it.I ran out onto the landing.ˈlændɪŋ NOUN
  • Arabic: مـَمَرٌّ فُوْقِيّPronunciation for مـَمَرٌّ فُوْقِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: patamarPronunciation for patamar
  • Chinese: 楼梯平台Pronunciation for 楼梯平台
  • Croatian: terasaPronunciation for terasa
  • Czech: odpočívadloPronunciation for odpočívadloschodiště
  • Danish: landingPronunciation for landing
  • Dutch: landingPronunciation for landing
  • European Spanish: distribuidorPronunciation for distribuidor
  • Finnish: porrastasannePronunciation for porrastasanne
  • French: palierPronunciation for palier
  • German: LandungPronunciation for LandungFlug
  • Greek: προσγείωσηPronunciation for προσγείωση
  • Italian: atterraggioPronunciation for atterraggio
  • Japanese: 踊り場Pronunciation for 踊り場
  • Korean: 층계 꼭대기의 마루Pronunciation for 층계 꼭대기의 마루
  • Norwegian: landingPronunciation for landing
  • Polish: lądowaniePronunciation for lądowanie
  • Portuguese: patamarPronunciation for patamar
  • Romanian: aterizare aterizări
  • Russian: лестничная площадкаPronunciation for лестничная площадка
  • Spanish: aterrizajePronunciation for aterrizaje
  • Swedish: landningPronunciation for landning
  • Thai: พื้นที่สำหรับนำเครื่องบินขึ้นลงPronunciation for พื้นที่สำหรับนำเครื่องบินขึ้นลง
  • Turkish: merdiven başıPronunciation for merdiven başı
  • Ukrainian: сходовий майданчик
  • Vietnamese: đầu cầu thangPronunciation for đầu cầu thang


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