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  1. principal, president, head, chief, boss (informal), director, manager, chairman, captain, chair, premier, governor, commander, superior, ruler, conductor, controller, counsellor, supervisor, superintendent, big name, big gun (informal), chairwoman, chieftain, bigwig (informal), ringleader, chairperson, big shot (informal), overseer, big cheese (slang & old-fashioned), big noise (informal), big hitter (informal), baas (South Africa), torchbearer, number one, sherang (Australian & New Zealand) • the leader of the Conservative Party
    opposites: supporter, follower, disciple, sidekick (slang), adherent, henchman, hanger-on
  2. front runner, pioneer, leading light, leading company, trailblazer, trendsetter, best-known company, groundbreaker, primary brand • the leader in the mass market cosmetics industry

'leader' in Other Languages

  • British English: leaderPronunciation for leader The leader of an organization or a group of people is the person who is in charge of it.Members today will elect a new leader.ˈliːdə NOUN
  • Arabic: قَائِدٌPronunciation for قَائِدٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: líderPronunciation for líder
  • Chinese: 领导者Pronunciation for 领导者
  • Croatian: vođaPronunciation for vođa
  • Czech: vůdcePronunciation for vůdce vůdkyně
  • Danish: lederPronunciation for leder
  • Dutch: leiderPronunciation for leider
  • European Spanish: líderPronunciation for líder
  • Finnish: johtajaPronunciation for johtaja
  • French: chefPronunciation for chefdirigeant
  • German: FührerPronunciation for Führer Führerin
  • Greek: ηγέτηςPronunciation for ηγέτης
  • Italian: leaderPronunciation for leader
  • Japanese: リーダーPronunciation for リーダー
  • Korean: 지도자Pronunciation for 지도자
  • Norwegian: lederPronunciation for leder
  • Polish: liderPronunciation for lider liderka
  • Portuguese: líderPronunciation for líder
  • Romanian: lider lideri
  • Russian: лидерPronunciation for лидер
  • Spanish: líderPronunciation for líder
  • Swedish: ledarePronunciation for ledare
  • Thai: ผู้นำPronunciation for ผู้นำ
  • Turkish: liderPronunciation for lider
  • Ukrainian: керівник
  • Vietnamese: người lãnh đạoPronunciation for người lãnh đạo


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