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Synonyms of nag



  1. scold, harass, badger, pester, worry, harry, plague, hassle (informal), vex, berate, breathe down someone's neck, upbraid, chivvy, bend someone's ear (informal), be on your back (slang), henpeck •  The more Sarah nagged her, the more stubborn Cissie became.
  2. worry, trouble, bother, bug (informal), haunt, annoy, plague, irritate, torment, hang over, niggle, weigh down, irk, gnaw at, weigh heavily on, rankle with, prey on your mind, cause anxiety to, lie heavily on •  the anxiety that had nagged her all through lunch


  1. scold, complainer, carper, grumbler, virago, shrew, tartar, moaner, harpy, harridan, termagant, nagger, fault-finder •  My husband calls me a nag if I complain about anything.



  1. (often derog.) horse (US), hack, jade, plug •  a bedraggled knight riding a lame, flea-ridden old nag

'nag' in Other Languages

  • British English: nag If someone nags you, or if they nag, they keep asking you to do something you have not done yet or do not want to do.My girlfriend nagged me to cut my hair.The child learns that if they nag and moan loud enough they will get their own way.næɡ VERB
  • Arabic: يُزعِجُ إِزْعَاجَاً مُتَّصِلاً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apoquentar
  • Chinese: 唠叨
  • Croatian: zanovijetati
  • Czech: sekýrovat
  • Danish: plage
  • Dutch: zeuren
  • European Spanish: dar la lata
  • Finnish: nalkuttaa
  • French: tarabuster
  • German: herumnörgeln
  • Greek: γκρινιάζω
  • Italian: criticare
  • Japanese: がみがみ小言を言う
  • Korean: 잔소리하다
  • Norwegian: mase
  • Polish: gderać
  • Portuguese: chatear
  • Romanian: a cicăli
  • Russian: придираться
  • Spanish: dar la lata
  • Swedish: tjata
  • Thai: จ้องจับผิด
  • Turkish: dırdır etmek
  • Ukrainian: чіплятися причепитися
  • Vietnamese: cằn nhằn


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