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  1. thief, bag-snatcher, purse-snatcher, cutpurse (archaic) • Markets are a pickpocket's paradise.

'pickpocket' in Other Languages

  • British English: pickpocketPronunciation for pickpocket A pickpocket is a person who steals things from people's pockets or bags in public places.Beware of pickpockets, especially when making a purchase.ˈpɪkˌpɒkɪt NOUN
  • Arabic: نَشَّالPronunciation for نَشَّال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: batedor de carteiraPronunciation for batedor de carteira batedora
  • Chinese: 扒手Pronunciation for 扒手
  • Croatian: džeparošPronunciation for džeparoš
  • Czech: kapsářPronunciation for kapsář kapsářkazloděj
  • Danish: lommetyvPronunciation for lommetyv
  • Dutch: zakkenrollerPronunciation for zakkenroller
  • European Spanish: carteristaPronunciation for carterista
  • Finnish: taskuvarasPronunciation for taskuvaras
  • French: pickpocketPronunciation for pickpocket
  • German: TaschendiebPronunciation for Taschendieb Taschendiebin
  • Greek: πορτοφολάςPronunciation for πορτοφολάς
  • Italian: borsaioloPronunciation for borsaiolo
  • Japanese: スリPronunciation for スリ
  • Korean: 소매치기Pronunciation for 소매치기
  • Norwegian: lommetyvPronunciation for lommetyv
  • Polish: kieszonkowiecPronunciation for kieszonkowiec
  • Portuguese: carteiristaPronunciation for carteirista batedora
  • Romanian: hoț de buzunare hoți de buzunare
  • Russian: вор-карманникPronunciation for вор-карманник
  • Spanish: carteristaPronunciation for carterista
  • Swedish: ficktjuvPronunciation for ficktjuv
  • Thai: นักล้วงกระเป๋าPronunciation for นักล้วงกระเป๋า
  • Turkish: yankesicilikPronunciation for yankesicilik
  • Ukrainian: кишеньковий злодій
  • Vietnamese: trộm móc túiPronunciation for trộm móc túi


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