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  1. platter, dish, dinner plate, salver, trencher (archaic) • Scott piled his plate with food.
  2. helping, course, serving, dish, portion, platter, plateful • a huge plate of bacon and eggs
  3. layer, panel, sheet, slab • The beam is strengthened by a steel plate 6 millimetres thick.
  4. plaque, sign, nameplate, door plate, cartouche • a brass plate on his office door
  5. illustration, picture, photograph, print, engraving, lithograph • The book has 55 colour plates.


  1. coat, gild, laminate, face, cover, silver, nickel, overlay, electroplate, anodize, platinize • small steel balls plated with chrome or gold

'plate' in Other Languages

  • British English: platePronunciation for plate A plate is a round or oval flat dish used to hold food.Anita pushed her plate away.pleɪt NOUN
  • Arabic: صَحْنPronunciation for صَحْن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pratoPronunciation for prato
  • Chinese: 盘子Pronunciation for 盘子
  • Croatian: tanjurPronunciation for tanjur
  • Czech: talířPronunciation for talíř
  • Danish: tallerkenPronunciation for tallerken
  • Dutch: bordPronunciation for bord
  • European Spanish: platoPronunciation for platoutensilio
  • Finnish: lautanenPronunciation for lautanen
  • French: assiettePronunciation for assiette
  • German: TellerPronunciation for Teller Teller
  • Greek: πιάτοPronunciation for πιάτο
  • Italian: piattoPronunciation for piatto
  • Japanese: 平皿Pronunciation for 平皿
  • Korean: 접시Pronunciation for 접시
  • Norwegian: tallerkenPronunciation for tallerken
  • Polish: talerzPronunciation for talerz
  • Portuguese: pratoPronunciation for prato
  • Romanian: farfurie farfurii
  • Russian: тарелкаPronunciation for тарелка
  • Spanish: platoPronunciation for platorecipiente bajo y redondo
  • Swedish: tallrikPronunciation for tallrik
  • Thai: จานPronunciation for จาน
  • Turkish: tabakPronunciation for tabak
  • Ukrainian: тарілка
  • Vietnamese: đĩaPronunciation for đĩađựng thức ăn


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