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  1. set free, free, discharge, liberate, drop, deliver, loose, let go, undo, let out, extricate, untie, disengage, emancipate, unchain, unfasten, turn loose, unshackle, unloose, unfetter, unbridle, manumit •  He was released from custody the next day. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: keep, hold, engage, detain, imprison, fasten, incarcerate
  2. acquit, excuse, exempt, let go, dispense, let off, exonerate, absolve •  He wants to be released from any promise between us.
  3. dissipate, dissolve, disperse, dispel, drive away •  Humour is wonderful for releasing tension.
  4. issue, publish, make public, make known, break, present, launch, distribute, unveil, put out, circulate, disseminate •  They're not releasing any more details yet. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: suppress, withhold
  5. give off, discharge, send out, throw out, radiate, diffuse, emanate, exude, cast out, send forth •  a weapon that releases toxic nerve gas
  6. launch, market, unveil, bring out, make available, put on the market, put on sale •  He is releasing an album of love songs.


  1. liberation, freedom, delivery, liberty, discharge, emancipation, deliverance, manumission, relief •  the secret negotiations necessary to secure the release of the hostages OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: detention, imprisonment, incarceration, internment
  2. acquittal, exemption, let-off (informal), dispensation, absolution, exoneration, acquittance •  a blessed release from the obligation to work
  3. issue, announcement, publication, proclamation, propagation, offering •  a meeting held after the release of the report
  4. emission, issue, shedding, radiation, discharge, transmission, diffusion, ejaculation, issuance, exhalation, emanation, exudation, giving off or out •  releases of cancer-causing chemicals
  5. publication, book, CD, record, film, video, album, disc •  this week's new releases

'release' in Other Languages

  • British English: release When someone is released, you refer to their release.He called for the immediate release of the prisoner.rɪˈliːs NOUN
  • Arabic: إطْلاق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: libertação
  • Chinese: 释放
  • Croatian: puštanje
  • Czech: propuštění
  • Danish: frigivelse
  • Dutch: vrijlating
  • European Spanish: liberación
  • Finnish: vapautus
  • French: libération
  • German: Erlösung
  • Greek: απελευθέρωση
  • Italian: liberazione
  • Japanese: 解放
  • Korean: 해방
  • Norwegian: løslatelse
  • Polish: wypuszczenie
  • Portuguese: libertação
  • Romanian: eliberare eliberări
  • Russian: освобождение
  • Spanish: liberación
  • Swedish: frigivning
  • Thai: การปลดปล่อย การปลดปล่อยเป็นอิสระ
  • Turkish: serbest bırakma
  • Ukrainian: звільнення
  • Vietnamese: sự phóng thích
  • British English: release If a person or animal is released from somewhere where they have been locked up or looked after, they are set free or allowed to go.He was released from custody the next day.rɪˈliːs VERB
  • Arabic: يُطْلِقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: libertar
  • Chinese: 释放
  • Croatian: pustiti
  • Czech: propustit propouštět
  • Danish: frigive
  • Dutch: vrijlaten
  • European Spanish: poner en libertad
  • Finnish: vapauttaa
  • French: libérer
  • German: befreien
  • Greek: απελευθερώνω
  • Italian: liberare
  • Japanese: 解放する
  • Korean: 해방하다
  • Norwegian: slippe fri
  • Polish: wypuścić wypuszczać
  • Portuguese: libertar
  • Romanian: a elibera
  • Russian: освобождать
  • Spanish: poner en libertad
  • Swedish: frige
  • Thai: ปลดปล่อย
  • Turkish: serbest bırakmak
  • Ukrainian: випускати на волю випустити на волю
  • Vietnamese: phóng thích


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