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Synonyms of repressed



  1. inhibited, frustrated, suppressed •  a sexually repressed 30-year-old woman
  2. suppressed, held in, restrained, inhibited, held back, bottled up •  an effective outlet for repressed emotions



  1. control, suppress, hold back, bottle up, check, master, hold in, overcome, curb, restrain, inhibit, overpower, keep in check •  People who repress their emotions risk having nightmares. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: release, encourage, express, let out, give free rein to
  2. hold back, suppress, stifle, smother, silence, swallow, muffle •  I couldn't repress a sigh of admiration.
  3. subdue, abuse, crush, oppress, quash, wrong, persecute, quell, subjugate, maltreat, trample underfoot, tyrannize over, rule with an iron hand •  They have been repressed for decades. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: free, liberate

'repressed' in Other Languages

  • British English: repressed A repressed person is someone who does not allow themselves to have natural feelings and desires, especially sexual ones. ADJECTIVESome have charged that they were sexually repressed.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: reprimido
  • Chinese: > 受到压抑的感情、欲望等> 受到压壓抑的
  • European Spanish: reprimido reprimida
  • French: refoulé refoulée
  • German: unterdrückt
  • Italian: represso repressa
  • Japanese: 抑圧された
  • Korean: 억압된
  • Portuguese: reprimido reprimida
  • Spanish: reprimido reprimida


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