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  1. blame, censure, rebuke, reproach, check, lecture, carpet (informal), scold, tick off (informal), castigate, chide, dress down (informal), admonish, tear into (informal), tell off (informal), take to task, read the riot act, tongue-lash, reprove, upbraid, slap on the wrist (informal), bawl out (informal), rap over the knuckles, haul over the coals (informal), chew out (US & & Canadian, informal), tear (someone) off a strip (British, informal), give (someone) a rocket (British & & New Zealand, informal), reprehend, chew someone's ass (US & & Canadian, taboo & slang), give (someone) a row (informal), send (someone) away with a flea in his or her ear (informal) •  He was reprimanded by a teacher. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: praise, applaud, compliment, congratulate, commend


  1. blame, talking-to (informal), row, lecture, wigging (British, slang), censure, rebuke, reproach, ticking-off (informal), dressing-down (informal), telling-off (informal), admonition, tongue-lashing, reproof, castigation, reprehension, flea in your ear (informal) •  He has been given a severe reprimand. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: praise, compliment, congratulations, commendation

'reprimand' in Other Languages

  • British English: reprimand If someone is reprimanded, they are spoken to angrily or seriously for doing something wrong, usually by a person in authority. VERBHe was reprimanded by a teacher for talking in class.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: repreender
  • Chinese: 训斥训訓斥
  • European Spanish: reprender
  • French: réprimander
  • German: tadeln
  • Italian: rimproverare
  • Japanese: 叱責する
  • Korean: 질책하다
  • Portuguese: repreender
  • Spanish: reprender


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