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  1. roadway, street, highway, motorway, track, direction, route, path, lane, avenue, artery, pathway, carriageway, thoroughfare, course, ice road (Canadian) • There was very little traffic on the roads.
  2. way, course, direction, route, path • on the road to recovery
  3. (nautical)= roadstead, anchorage

'road' in Other Languages

  • British English: roadPronunciation for road A road is a long piece of hard ground built between two places so that people can drive or ride easily from one to the other.There was very little traffic on the roads.rəʊd NOUN
  • Arabic: طَرِيقPronunciation for طَرِيق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rodoviaPronunciation for rodovia
  • Chinese: 道路Pronunciation for 道路
  • Croatian: cestaPronunciation for cesta
  • Czech: silnicePronunciation for silnice
  • Danish: vejPronunciation for vej
  • Dutch: wegPronunciation for weg
  • European Spanish: carreteraPronunciation for carretera
  • Finnish: tiePronunciation for tie
  • French: routePronunciation for route
  • German: StraßePronunciation for Straße
  • Greek: δρόμοςPronunciation for δρόμος
  • Italian: stradaPronunciation for strada
  • Japanese: 道路Pronunciation for 道路
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 길
  • Norwegian: veiPronunciation for vei
  • Polish: drogaPronunciation for droga
  • Portuguese: estradaPronunciation for estrada
  • Romanian: drum drumuri
  • Russian: дорогаPronunciation for дорога
  • Spanish: carreteraPronunciation for carretera
  • Swedish: vägPronunciation for väg
  • Thai: ถนนPronunciation for ถนน
  • Turkish: yolPronunciation for yol
  • Ukrainian: дорога
  • Vietnamese: con đườngPronunciation for con đường


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