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  1. around, about, encircling, near •  They were sitting round the kitchen table.
  2. throughout, all over, everywhere in, here and there in •  He has earned respect all round the world.
  3. to deal with •  thinking about ways round a problem


  1. series, session, cycle, sequence, succession, bout •  This is the latest round of job cuts.
  2. stage, turn, level, period, division, session, lap •  in the third round of the cup
  3. sphere, ball, band, ring, circle, disc, globe, orb •  small fresh rounds of goat's cheese
  4. course, turn, tour, circuit, beat, series, schedule, routine, compass, ambit •  The consultant did his morning round.
  5. bullet, shot, shell, discharge, cartridge •  live rounds of ammunition


  1. spherical, rounded, bowed, curved, circular, cylindrical, bulbous, rotund, globular, curvilinear, ball-shaped, ring-shaped, disc-shaped, annular, discoid, orbicular •  the round church known as The New Temple
  2. complete, full, whole, entire, solid, unbroken, undivided •  a round dozen
  3. plump, full, rounded, ample, fleshy, roly-poly, rotund, full-fleshed •  She was a small, round person in her early sixties.
  4. considerable, large, liberal, substantial, generous, ample, bountiful, bounteous •  She had a nice, round figure.
  5. candid, direct, frank, plain, straightforward, blunt, outspoken, downright, unmodified
  6. sonorous, full, rich, resonant, rotund, mellifluous, orotund


  1. go round, circle, skirt, flank, bypass, encircle, turn, circumnavigate •  The boats rounded the Cape.

'round' in Other Languages

  • British English: round Something round is in the shape of a ball or a circle.There was a round table in the middle of the room.raʊnd ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مُسْتَدير
  • Brazilian Portuguese: redondo redonda
  • Chinese: 圆的
  • Croatian: okrugao okrugla, okruglo
  • Czech: kulatý
  • Danish: rund
  • Dutch: rond
  • European Spanish: redondo redonda
  • Finnish: pyöreä
  • French: rond
  • German: rund
  • Greek: στρογγυλός στρογγυλή
  • Italian: rotondo rotonda
  • Japanese: 丸い
  • Korean: 둥근
  • Norwegian: rund rundt
  • Polish: okrągły okrągła
  • Portuguese: redondo redonda
  • Romanian: rotund rotund, rotundă, rotunzi, rotunde
  • Russian: круглый круглая
  • Spanish: redondo redonda
  • Swedish: rund runt
  • Thai: กลม
  • Turkish: yuvarlak
  • Ukrainian: круглий
  • Vietnamese: tròn
  • British English: round A round of events is a series of similar events, especially one which comes after or before a similar series.Another round of peace talks will soon begin.raʊnd NOUNseries
  • Arabic: دَوْر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ronda
  • Chinese: 回合
  • Croatian: krug
  • Czech: kolohry
  • Danish: rundecirkelform
  • Dutch: ronde
  • European Spanish: círculoredondel
  • Finnish: ympyrä
  • French: série
  • German: Kreis
  • Greek: κύκλος
  • Italian: turno
  • Japanese: 連続series
  • Korean: 한 차례
  • Norwegian: runding
  • Polish: kołookrąg
  • Portuguese: círculo
  • Romanian: rundă runde
  • Russian: круг
  • Spanish: rondaserie de sucesos
  • Swedish: rundaomgång
  • Thai: วงกลม
  • Turkish: halkaçember
  • Ukrainian: раунд
  • Vietnamese: vòng
  • British English: round A round is a circular shape....small rounds of goats' cheese.raʊnd NOUNcircle
  • Arabic: دَائِرَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: redondo redonda
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: serija
  • Czech: kolokruh
  • Danish: rundeserie
  • Dutch: ronde
  • European Spanish: ronda
  • Finnish: kierros
  • French: rond
  • German: Runde
  • Greek: γύρος
  • Italian: tondo
  • Japanese: circle
  • Korean: 원형
  • Norwegian: runde
  • Polish: rundaseria
  • Portuguese: redondo redonda
  • Romanian: cerc cercuri
  • Russian: раунд
  • Spanish: círculo
  • Swedish: omgång
  • Thai: รูปทรงกลม
  • Turkish: sıraoyun
  • Ukrainian: коло
  • Vietnamese: hình tròn
  • British English: round Round a place or object means on all sides of it.They were sitting round the kitchen table.raʊnd PREPOSITION
  • Arabic: حَوْل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ao redor de
  • Chinese: 围着
  • Croatian: oko
  • Czech: kolem
  • Danish: rundt om
  • Dutch: rondom
  • European Spanish: alrededor de
  • Finnish: ympäri
  • French: autour de
  • German: um
  • Greek: γύρω από
  • Italian: intorno a
  • Japanese: ・・・を囲んで
  • Korean: (…)을 빙 둘러
  • Norwegian: rundt
  • Polish: dookoła
  • Portuguese: ao redor de
  • Romanian: în jurul
  • Russian: вокруг
  • Spanish: alrededor de
  • Swedish: omkring
  • Thai: ซึ่งเคลื่อนเป็นวงกลม
  • Turkish: etrafını
  • Ukrainian: навколо
  • Vietnamese: vòng quanh
  • British English: round If you round a place or obstacle, you move in a curve past the edge or corner of it. VERBThe house disappeared from sight as we rounded a corner.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dobrar
  • Chinese: 绕过绕繞过過
  • European Spanish: doblar
  • French: tourner
  • German: biegen um
  • Italian: girare
  • Japanese: 曲がる
  • Korean: 돌아가다
  • Portuguese: dobrar
  • Spanish: doblar


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