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Synonyms of saw



  1. (old-fashioned)=  saying, maxim, gnome, adage, proverb, dictum, axiom, aphorism, byword, apophthegm



  1. perceive, note, spot, notice, mark, view, eye, check, regard, identify, sight, witness, clock (British, slang), observe, recognize, distinguish, glimpse, check out (informal), make out, heed, discern, behold, eyeball (slang), catch a glimpse of, catch sight of, espy, get a load of (slang), descry, take a dekko at (British, slang), lay or clap eyes on (informal) • I saw a man making his way towards me.
  2. visit, call on, drop in on (informal), look (someone) up, be the guest of, call in on, pop in on (informal), pay a call on • I went to see him yesterday.
  3. watch, view, look at, observe • It was one of the most amazing films I've ever seen.
  4. understand, get, follow, realize, know, appreciate, take in, grasp, make out, catch on (informal), comprehend, fathom, get the hang of (informal), get the drift of • Oh, I see what you're saying.
  5. foresee, picture, imagine, anticipate, divine, envisage, visualize, foretell • We can see a day when all people live side by side.
  6. witness, watch, observe, view, note, notice, behold (archaic & literary) • He has seen the economy of his town decline.
  7. find out, learn, discover, establish, determine, investigate, verify, ascertain, make inquiries • I'd better go and see if she's all right.
  8. consider, decide, think about, judge, reflect, deliberate, mull over, think over, make up your mind, ponder over, give some thought to • We'll see what we can do, Miss.
  9. make sure, mind, ensure, guarantee, be sure, take care, make certain, see to it • See that you take care of him.
  10. accompany, show, escort, lead, walk, attend, shepherd, usher • He didn't offer to see her to her car.
  11. speak to, receive, interview, consult, confer with • The doctor can see you now.
  12. meet, encounter, come across, run into, happen on, bump into, run across, chance on • I saw her last night at Monica's.
  13. go out with, court, date (informal, mainly US), have an affair with, walk out with (obsolete), have a fling with, keep company with, go steady with (informal), consort or associate with, step out with (informal) • My husband was still seeing her.
  14. refer to • See Chapter 7 below.
It is common to hear seeing as how, as in Seeing as how the bus is always late, I don't need to hurry. However, the use of how here is considered incorrect or nonstandard, and should be avoided.

'saw' in Other Languages

  • British English: sawPronunciation for saw A saw is a tool for cutting wood, which has a blade with sharp teeth along one edge.sɔː NOUN
  • Arabic: مِنْشَارPronunciation for مِنْشَار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: serraPronunciation for serra
  • Chinese: 锯子Pronunciation for 锯子
  • Croatian: pilaPronunciation for pila
  • Czech: pilaPronunciation for pila
  • Danish: savPronunciation for sav
  • Dutch: zaagPronunciation for zaag
  • European Spanish: sierraPronunciation for sierra
  • Finnish: sahaPronunciation for saha
  • French: sciePronunciation for scie
  • German: SägePronunciation for Säge
  • Greek: πριόνιPronunciation for πριόνι
  • Italian: segaPronunciation for sega
  • Japanese: のこぎりPronunciation for のこぎり
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 톱
  • Norwegian: sagPronunciation for sag
  • Polish: piłaPronunciation for piła
  • Portuguese: serraPronunciation for serra
  • Romanian: ferăstrău ferăstraie
  • Russian: пилаPronunciation for пила
  • Spanish: sierraPronunciation for sierra
  • Swedish: sågPronunciation for sågverktyg
  • Thai: เลื่อยPronunciation for เลื่อย
  • Turkish: testerePronunciation for testere
  • Ukrainian: пила
  • Vietnamese: cưaPronunciation for cưa
  • British English: saw If you saw something, you cut it with a saw. VERBHe escaped by sawing through the bars of his cell.I sawed the dead branches off the tree.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: serrar
  • Chinese: 锯鋸
  • European Spanish: serrar
  • French: scier
  • German: sägen
  • Italian: segare
  • Japanese: のこぎりで切る
  • Korean: 톱으로 켜다
  • Portuguese: serrar
  • Spanish: serrar


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