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  1. state, declare, remark, add, announce, maintain, mention, assert, affirm, asseverate • She said she was very impressed.
  2. speak, utter, voice, express, pronounce, come out with (informal), put into words, give voice or utterance to • I hope you didn't say anything about me.
  3. make known, reveal, disclose, divulge, answer, reply, respond, give as your opinion • I must say that that rather shocked me, too.
  4. read, show, display, indicate • The clock said four minutes past eleven.
  5. suggest, reveal, express, imply, communicate, disclose, give away, convey, divulge • That says a lot about the power of their marketing people.
  6. suppose, supposing, imagine, assume, presume, postulate • Say you lived in Boston, Massachusetts.
  7. estimate, suppose, guess, conjecture, surmise, dare say, hazard a guess • I'd say she must be at least a size 20.
  8. recite, perform, deliver, do, read, repeat, render, rehearse, orate • How am I going to go on and say those lines tonight?
  9. allege, report, claim, hold, suggest, insist, maintain, rumour, assert, uphold, profess, put about that • He says he did it after the police pressured him.


  1. influence, power, control, authority, weight, sway, clout (informal), predominance, mana (New Zealand) • The students wanted more say in the running of the university.
  2. chance to speak, vote, voice, crack (informal), opportunity to speak, turn to speak • Let him have his say.

'say' in Other Languages

  • British English: sayPronunciation for say When you say something, you talk.She said that they were very pleased.seɪ VERB
  • Arabic: يَقولُPronunciation for يَقولُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dizerPronunciation for dizer
  • Chinese: Pronunciation for 说
  • Croatian: rećiPronunciation for reći
  • Czech: říciPronunciation for říci
  • Danish: sigePronunciation for sige
  • Dutch: zeggenPronunciation for zeggen
  • European Spanish: decirPronunciation for decir
  • Finnish: sanoaPronunciation for sanoa
  • French: direPronunciation for dire
  • German: sagenPronunciation for sagen
  • Greek: λέωPronunciation for λέω
  • Italian: direPronunciation for dire
  • Japanese: 言うPronunciation for 言う
  • Korean: 말하다Pronunciation for 말하다
  • Norwegian: siPronunciation for si
  • Polish: powiedziećPronunciation for powiedzieć mówić
  • Portuguese: dizerPronunciation for dizer
  • Romanian: a spune
  • Russian: говоритьPronunciation for говорить
  • Spanish: decirPronunciation for decir
  • Swedish: sägaPronunciation for säga
  • Thai: พูดPronunciation for พูด
  • Turkish: söylemekPronunciation for söylemek
  • Ukrainian: казати сказати
  • Vietnamese: nóiPronunciation for nói


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