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  1. superficial, surface, empty, slight, foolish, idle, trivial, meaningless, flimsy, frivolous, skin-deep •  I think he is shallow, vain and untrustworthy. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: serious, deep, profound, meaningful, thoughtful, in-depth, analytical, weighty, perceptive

'shallow' in Other Languages

  • British English: shallow A shallow hole, container, or layer of water measures only a short distance from the top to the bottom.The water is quite shallow.ˈʃæləʊ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: ضَحْل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: raso rasa
  • Chinese: 浅的
  • Croatian: plitak plitka
  • Czech: mělký
  • Danish: hul
  • Dutch: oppervlakkig
  • European Spanish: poco profundo poco profunda
  • Finnish: matalavesi
  • French: peu profond
  • German: seicht
  • Greek: ρηχός ρηχή
  • Italian: superficiale
  • Japanese: 浅い
  • Korean: 얕은
  • Norwegian: grunn
  • Polish: płytki płytka
  • Portuguese: raso rasa
  • Romanian: puțin adânc puțin adânc, adâncă, adânci
  • Russian: мелкий мелкаянеглубокий
  • Spanish: poco profundo poco profunda
  • Swedish: grund grunt
  • Thai: ตื้น
  • Turkish: sığ
  • Ukrainian: мілкий
  • Vietnamese: nông


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