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Synonyms of shore



  1. beach, coast, sands, strand (poetic), lakeside, waterside, seaboard (mainly US), foreshore, seashore •  He made it to the shore after leaving the boat.
related adjective:



  1. shave, fleece •  In the Hebrides they shear their sheep later than everyone else.

plural noun

  1. blades, cutters, clippers, trimmers •  Trim the shrubs with shears.

'shore' in Other Languages

  • British English: shore The shores or the shore of a sea, lake, or wide river is the land along the edge of it.They walked down to the shore.ʃɔː NOUN
  • Arabic: سَاحِل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: costapraia
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: obala
  • Czech: břehjezera, moře
  • Danish: kyst
  • Dutch: kust
  • European Spanish: orilla
  • Finnish: ranta
  • French: rivage
  • German: Küste
  • Greek: όχθη
  • Italian: riva
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 바닷가
  • Norwegian: kyst
  • Polish: brzegwybrzeże
  • Portuguese: costapraia
  • Romanian: mal maluri
  • Russian: берег
  • Spanish: orillaribera
  • Swedish: kust
  • Thai: ชายฝั่ง
  • Turkish: kıyı
  • Ukrainian: берег
  • Vietnamese: bờ


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