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Synonyms of shy



  1. timid, self-conscious, bashful, reserved, retiring, nervous, modest, aw-shucks, shrinking, backward, coy, reticent, self-effacing, diffident, mousy • He is painfully shy when it comes to talking to women.
    opposites: forward, confident, assured, bold, cheeky, brash, fearless, pushy (informal), self-confident, self-assured
  2. cautious, wary, hesitant, suspicious, reticent, distrustful, chary • You should not be shy of having your say.
    opposites: rash, reckless, unsuspecting, unwary


  1. (sometimes with off or away) recoil, flinch, draw back, start, rear, buck, wince, swerve, balk, quail, take fright • The horse shied as the wind sent sparks flying.



  1. throw, send, cast, pitch, toss, hurl, fling, chuck (informal), propel, sling, lob (informal)

'shy' in Other Languages

  • British English: shyPronunciation for shy A shy person is nervous and uncomfortable in the company of other people.He is a painfully shy person.ʃaɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: خَجُولPronunciation for خَجُول
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tímidoPronunciation for tímido tímida
  • Chinese: 腼腆的Pronunciation for 腼腆的
  • Croatian: stidljivPronunciation for stidljiv stidljiva
  • Czech: ostýchavýPronunciation for ostýchavý
  • Danish: genertPronunciation for genert
  • Dutch: verlegenPronunciation for verlegen
  • European Spanish: tímidoPronunciation for tímido tímida
  • Finnish: ujoPronunciation for ujo
  • French: timidePronunciation for timide
  • German: schüchternPronunciation for schüchtern
  • Greek: ντροπαλόςPronunciation for ντροπαλός ντροπαλή
  • Italian: timidoPronunciation for timido timida
  • Japanese: 内気なPronunciation for 内気な
  • Korean: 부끄럼 타는Pronunciation for 부끄럼 타는
  • Norwegian: skyPronunciation for sky
  • Polish: nieśmiałyPronunciation for nieśmiały nieśmiała
  • Portuguese: tímidoPronunciation for tímido tímida
  • Romanian: timid timid, timidă, timizi, timide
  • Russian: робкийPronunciation for робкий робкая
  • Spanish: tímidoPronunciation for tímido tímida
  • Swedish: blygPronunciation for blyg blygt
  • Thai: ขี้อายPronunciation for ขี้อาย
  • Turkish: utangaçPronunciation for utangaç
  • Ukrainian: сором'язливий
  • Vietnamese: bẽn lẽnPronunciation for bẽn lẽn


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