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  1. breathe out, exhale, moan, suspire (archaic) • Dad sighed and stood up.
  2. moan, complain, groan, mourn, grieve, lament, sorrow • ‘Everyone forgets,’ she sighed.
  3. rustle, whisper, murmur, sough • The wind sighed through the valley.


  1. exhalation, moan, groan • She heaved a weary sigh.

'sigh' in Other Languages

  • British English: sighPronunciation for sigh When you let out a sigh, you let out a deep breath.She kicked off her shoes with a sigh.saɪ NOUN
  • Arabic: تَنَهُّدPronunciation for تَنَهُّد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: suspiroPronunciation for suspiro
  • Chinese: 叹息声Pronunciation for 叹息声
  • Croatian: uzdahPronunciation for uzdah
  • Czech: povzdechPronunciation for povzdech
  • Danish: sukPronunciation for suk
  • Dutch: zuchtPronunciation for zucht
  • European Spanish: suspiroPronunciation for suspiro
  • Finnish: huokausPronunciation for huokaus
  • French: soupirPronunciation for soupir
  • German: SeufzerPronunciation for Seufzer Seufzer
  • Greek: αναστεναγμόςPronunciation for αναστεναγμός
  • Italian: sospiroPronunciation for sospiro
  • Japanese: ため息Pronunciation for ため息
  • Korean: 한숨Pronunciation for 한숨
  • Norwegian: sukkPronunciation for sukk
  • Polish: westchnieniePronunciation for westchnienie
  • Portuguese: suspiroPronunciation for suspiro
  • Romanian: oftat oftaturi
  • Russian: вздохPronunciation for вздох
  • Spanish: suspiroPronunciation for suspiro
  • Swedish: suckPronunciation for suck
  • Thai: การถอนหายใจPronunciation for การถอนหายใจ
  • Turkish: iç çekmePronunciation for iç çekme
  • Ukrainian: зітхання
  • Vietnamese: tiếng thở dàiPronunciation for tiếng thở dài
  • British English: sighPronunciation for sigh When you sigh, you let out a deep breath, as a way of expressing feelings such as disappointment, tiredness, or pleasure.He sighed wearily.saɪ VERB
  • Arabic: يَتَنَهَّدُPronunciation for يَتَنَهَّدُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: suspirarPronunciation for suspirar
  • Chinese: 叹息Pronunciation for 叹息
  • Croatian: uzdahnutiPronunciation for uzdahnuti
  • Czech: vzdychatPronunciation for vzdychat vzdychnout
  • Danish: sukkePronunciation for sukke
  • Dutch: zuchtenPronunciation for zuchten
  • European Spanish: suspirarPronunciation for suspirar
  • Finnish: huokaistaPronunciation for huokaista
  • French: soupirerPronunciation for soupirer
  • German: seufzenPronunciation for seufzen
  • Greek: αναστενάζωPronunciation for αναστενάζω
  • Italian: sospirarePronunciation for sospirare
  • Japanese: ため息をつくPronunciation for ため息をつく
  • Korean: 한숨 쉬다Pronunciation for 한숨 쉬다
  • Norwegian: sukkePronunciation for sukke
  • Polish: westchnąćPronunciation for westchnąć wzdychać
  • Portuguese: suspirarPronunciation for suspirar
  • Romanian: a ofta
  • Russian: вздыхатьPronunciation for вздыхать
  • Spanish: suspirarPronunciation for suspirar
  • Swedish: suckaPronunciation for sucka
  • Thai: ถอนหายใจPronunciation for ถอนหายใจ
  • Turkish: iç geçirmekPronunciation for iç geçirmek
  • Ukrainian: зітхати зітхнути
  • Vietnamese: thở dàiPronunciation for thở dài


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