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  1. compassion, understanding, pity, empathy, tenderness, condolence(s), thoughtfulness, commiseration, aroha (New Zealand) •  We expressed our sympathy for her loss. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: indifference, scorn, disdain, insensitivity, coldness, callousness, hard-heartedness, pitilessness, lack of feeling or understanding or sympathy
  2. affinity, agreement, rapport, union, harmony, warmth, correspondence, fellow feeling, congeniality •  I still have sympathy with this point of view. OPPOSITES: 
    opposites: opposition, resistance, hostility, disapproval, antagonism, unfriendliness
  3. agreement, support, favour, approval, encouragement, affiliation, partiality, approbation •  Several hundred workers struck in sympathy with their colleagues.
A fellow-feeling makes one wond'rous kind
David Garrick – An Occasional Prologue on Quitting the Theatre

'sympathy' in Other Languages

  • British English: sympathy If you have sympathy for someone who has had a misfortune, you are sorry for them, and show this in the way you behave towards them.We expressed our sympathy for her loss.ˈsɪmpəθɪ NOUN
  • Arabic: تَعَاطُف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: compaixão
  • Chinese: 同情心
  • Croatian: simpatija
  • Czech: soucit
  • Danish: sympati
  • Dutch: sympathie
  • European Spanish: lástimacompasión
  • Finnish: sympatia
  • French: compassion
  • German: Mitgefühl
  • Greek: συμπόνια
  • Italian: comprensione
  • Japanese: 同情
  • Korean: 동정
  • Norwegian: sympati
  • Polish: sympatia
  • Portuguese: compaixão
  • Romanian: compasiune compasiuni
  • Russian: сочувствие
  • Spanish: lástima
  • Swedish: sympati
  • Thai: ความเห็นใจ
  • Turkish: halden anlama
  • Ukrainian: співчуття
  • Vietnamese: sự thông cảm


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