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  1. organ of flight, pinion (poetic), pennon (poetic) •  The bird flapped its wings furiously.
  2. annexe, part, side, section, extension, adjunct, ell (US) •  We were given an office in the empty west wing of the building.
  3. faction, grouping, group, set, side, arm, section, camp, branch, circle, lobby, segment, caucus, clique, coterie, schism, cabal •  the liberal wing of the Democratic party


  1. fly, soar, glide, take wing •  Several birds broke cover and went winging over the lake.
  2. hurry, fly, race, speed, streak, zoom, hasten, hurtle •  He was soon winging his way home to rejoin his family.
  3. wound, hit, nick, clip, graze •  He shot at the bird but only managed to wing it.

'wing' in Other Languages

  • British English: wing The wings of a bird or insect are the parts of its body that it uses for flying.The bird flapped its wings.wɪŋ NOUNbird
  • Arabic: جَنَاح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: asa
  • Chinese: 翅膀
  • Croatian: krilo
  • Czech: křídlo
  • Danish: vinge
  • Dutch: vleugel
  • European Spanish: ala
  • Finnish: siipi
  • French: aile
  • German: Flügel Flügel
  • Greek: φτερό
  • Italian: ala
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 날개
  • Norwegian: vinge
  • Polish: skrzydło
  • Portuguese: asa
  • Romanian: aripă aripi
  • Russian: крыло
  • Spanish: ala
  • Swedish: vinge
  • Thai: ปีก
  • Turkish: kanat
  • Ukrainian: крило
  • Vietnamese: cánh
  • British English: wing The wings of an aeroplane are the long flat parts sticking out of its side which support it while it is flying. NOUNThe plane made one pass, dipped its wings, then circled back.aeroplane
  • Brazilian Portuguese: asa
  • Chinese: 机翼机機翼
  • European Spanish: ala
  • French: aile
  • German: Flügel
  • Italian: ala
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 비행기 날개
  • Portuguese: asa
  • Spanish: ala


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