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  1. remove, pull, take off, pull out, extract, take away, pull back, draw out, draw back • Cassandra withdrew her hand from Roger's. • He reached into his pocket and withdrew a piece of paper.
  2. take out, extract, draw out • They withdrew 100 dollars from their bank account.
  3. retreat, go, leave (informal), retire, depart, pull out, fall back, pull back, back out, back off, cop out (slang), disengage from • Troops withdrew from the country last March.
    opposites: go on, advance, progress, proceed, persist, move forward, press on, forge ahead
  4. go, leave, retire, retreat, depart, make yourself scarce, absent yourself • The waiter poured the wine and then withdrew.
  5. pull out, leave, drop out, secede, disengage, detach yourself, absent yourself • The African National Congress threatened to withdraw from the talks.
  6. retract, recall, take back, revoke, rescind, disavow, recant, disclaim, abjure, unsay • He withdrew his remarks and said he had not intended to cause offence.

'withdraw' in Other Languages

  • British English: withdrawPronunciation for withdraw If you withdraw something from a place, you remove it or take it away.He reached into his pocket and withdrew a sheet of notepaper.wɪðˈdrɔː VERB
  • Arabic: يَسْحَبُPronunciation for يَسْحَبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: retirarPronunciation for retirar
  • Chinese: 收回Pronunciation for 收回
  • Croatian: izvaditiPronunciation for izvaditi
  • Czech: vyjmoutPronunciation for vyjmout vyjímat
  • Danish: trække sig tilbagePronunciation for trække sig tilbage
  • Dutch: terugtrekkenPronunciation for terugtrekken
  • European Spanish: retirarPronunciation for retirarapartarse
  • Finnish: vetää esiinPronunciation for vetää esiin
  • French: retirerPronunciation for retirer
  • German: zurückziehenPronunciation for zurückziehen
  • Greek: αποσύρωPronunciation for αποσύρω
  • Italian: ritirarePronunciation for ritirare
  • Japanese: 抜き取るPronunciation for 抜き取る
  • Korean: ...을 빼다Pronunciation for ...을 빼다
  • Norwegian: ta bortPronunciation for ta bort
  • Polish: cofnąćPronunciation for cofnąć cofać
  • Portuguese: retirarPronunciation for retirar
  • Romanian: a scoate
  • Russian: отводитьPronunciation for отводить
  • Spanish: retirarPronunciation for retirar
  • Swedish: dra (sig) tillbakaPronunciation for dra (sig) tillbaka
  • Thai: นำออกมาPronunciation for นำออกมา
  • Turkish: çekmekPronunciation for çekmekgeri
  • Ukrainian: виймати вийняти
  • Vietnamese: rútPronunciation for rút


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