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Jonah (ˈdʒəʊnə Pronunciation for Jonah or Jonas (ˈdʒəʊnəs Pronunciation for Jonas



  1. (Old Testament)
    1. a Hebrew prophet who, having been thrown overboard from a ship in which he was fleeing from God, was swallowed by a great fish and vomited onto dry land
    2. the book in which his adventures are recounted
  2. a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him; jinx

Derived Forms

ˌJonahˈesque adjective

Example Sentences Including 'Jonah'

'That saves me the trouble of having to introduce you, Jonah ,' Pandey said with a laugh.
Business Today (2000)
Herald File Picture Lomu donor identified as radio presenter Jonah Lomu's kidney donor has been identified as radio presenter Grant Kereama.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
I thought myself swallowed by evil, as Jonah was lost to the deep and swallowed by the great fish Leviathan.
various & introduction by Deirdre Chapman A Roomful of Birds - Scottish short stories 1990
In his brisk memorandum setting out the post-war organization of the RAF he compared the force to `the prophet Jonah 's gourd.
Patrick Bishop FIGHTER BOYS: Saving Britain 1940 (2003)
Jonah Lomu, like many kidney transplant recipients these days, had the benefit of a live donor.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
Jonah never saw such a fish... `Trudi struggled with him in the bullish waves, her arms streaming with the grouper's blood.
Ballard, J. G. Rushing to Paradise


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