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propitiate (prəˈpɪʃɪˌeɪt Pronunciation for propitiate



  1. (transitive) to appease or make well disposed; conciliate

Derived Forms

proˈpitiable adjective
proˌpitiˈation noun
proˌpitiˈatious adjective
proˈpitiative adjective
proˈpitiˌator noun

Word Origin

C17: from Latin propitiāre to appease, from propitius gracious

Example Sentences Including 'propitiate'

And then as much to distract herself as to propitiate the gods, she rushes to meet her social commitments.
India Today (1997)
How would the earth fare, they must have wondered, with no one to propitiate the spirits in caves and lakes and hills?
Travers, P L What the Bee Knows - reflections on myth, symbol and story
I mean, you'd need to propitiate a foreign god, but worship it?
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
The first is to propitiate middle-class anger, and the second to expand access to higher education to the less well-off.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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