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tetanus (ˈtɛtənəs Pronunciation for tetanus



  1. Also called: lockjaw. an acute infectious disease in which sustained muscular spasm, contraction, and convulsion are caused by the release of exotoxins from the bacterium, Clostridium tetani: infection usually occurs through a contaminated wound
  2. (physiology) any tense contraction of a muscle, esp when produced by electric shocks

Derived Forms

ˈtetanal adjective
ˈtetaˌnoid adjective

Word Origin

C16: via Latin from Greek tetanos, from tetanos taut, from teinein to stretch

Translations for 'tetanus'

  • British English: tetanusPronunciation for tetanus Tetanus is a serious painful disease caused by bacteria getting into wounds. It makes your muscles, especially your jaw muscles, go stiff.ˈtɛtənəs NOUN
  • Arabic: كُزَازPronunciation for كُزَاز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tétanoPronunciation for tétano
  • Chinese: 破伤风Pronunciation for 破伤风
  • Croatian: tetanusPronunciation for tetanus
  • Czech: tetanusPronunciation for tetanus
  • Danish: stivkrampePronunciation for stivkrampe
  • Dutch: tetanusPronunciation for tetanus
  • European Spanish: tétanoPronunciation for tétano
  • Finnish: jäykkäkouristusPronunciation for jäykkäkouristus
  • French: tétanosPronunciation for tétanos
  • German: TetanusPronunciation for Tetanus
  • Greek: τέτανοςPronunciation for τέτανος
  • Italian: tetanoPronunciation for tetano
  • Japanese: 破傷風Pronunciation for 破傷風
  • Korean: 파상풍Pronunciation for 파상풍
  • Norwegian: stivkrampePronunciation for stivkrampe
  • Polish: tężecPronunciation for tężec
  • Portuguese: tétanoPronunciation for tétano
  • Romanian: tetanos
  • Russian: столбнякPronunciation for столбняк
  • Spanish: tétanoPronunciation for tétano
  • Swedish: stelkrampPronunciation for stelkramp
  • Thai: โรคบาดทะยักPronunciation for โรคบาดทะยัก
  • Turkish: tetanosPronunciation for tetanos
  • Ukrainian: правець
  • Vietnamese: bệnh uốn vánPronunciation for bệnh uốn ván

Example Sentences Including 'tetanus'

"The fact there has also been a major campaign to deal with the issue of maternal tetanus , this is important.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
Crazed with pain, Burnell writhed and threw back his head, arching his spine as if under tetanus attack.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
Deputy coroner David Hunter adjourned to seek advice on whether Mr Brown would have lived if he had been given tetanus treatment on May 24.
Belfast Telegraph (2005)
He was taken to hospital for a tetanus injection and to have the wound bandaged.
Misc (1998)
On a normal day it would have meant doctors and stitches and tetanus jabs, and all that other human ritual to do with survival.
Fay Weldon NOTHING TO WEAR AND NOWHERE TO HIDE: A Collection of Short Stories
Secondly, to determine whether the wound is tetanus prone it should be examined and its history ascertained.
British Medical Journal (2002)
The most risky situations for contracting tetanus are where the soil has been contaminated with animal faeces.
Last, Dr Pat & Rushton, Ann Women's Health Questions Answered
`Right; we just need to dress those wounds, and give you a tetanus booster.
Pritchard, John Night Sisters


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