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about  (əˈbaʊt



  1. relating to; concerning; on the subject of
  2. near or close to (in space or time)
  3. carried on   ⇒ I haven't any money about me
  4. on every side of; all the way around
  5. active in or engaged in   ⇒ she is about her business
  6. See about to


  1. approximately; near in number, time, degree, etc   ⇒ about 50 years old
  2. nearby
  3. here and there; from place to place; in no particular direction   ⇒ walk about to keep warm
  4. all around; on every side
  5. in or to the opposite direction   ⇒ he turned about and came back
  6. in rotation or revolution   ⇒ turn and turn about
  7. used in informal phrases to indicate understatement   ⇒ I've had just about enough of your insults,   ⇒ it's about time you stopped
  8. (archaic) in circumference; around


  1. (predicative) active; astir after sleep   ⇒ up and about
  2. (predicative) in existence, current, or in circulation   ⇒ there aren't many about nowadays

Word Origin

Old English abūtan, onbūtan on the outside of, around, from on + būtan outside


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= regarding, on, re, concerning, touching, dealing with, respecting, referring to, relating to, concerned with, connected with, relative to, with respect to, as regards, anent (Scottish)
= around, over, through, round, throughout, surrounding, all over, encircling, on all sides
= near, around, close to, bordering, nearby, beside, close by, adjacent to, just round the corner from, in the neighbourhood of, alongside of, contiguous to, within sniffing distance of (informal), at close quarters to, a hop, skip and a jump away from (informal)
= approximately, around, almost, nearing, nearly, approaching, close to, roughly, just about, more or less, in the region of, in the vicinity of, not far off, circanoun_of_adjectiveof a date
= everywhere, around, all over, here and there, on all sides, in all directions, to and fro, from place to place, hither and thither

Translations for 'about'

  • British English: about About means near to something.His grandfather is about 80 years old.əˈbaʊt ADVERBnear to
  • Arabic: حَوَالي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aproximadamente
  • Chinese: 关于
  • Croatian: oko
  • Czech: kolem
  • Danish: omkring
  • Dutch: ongeveer
  • European Spanish: más o menos
  • Finnish: suunnilleen
  • French: autour de
  • German: ungefähr
  • Greek: περίπου
  • Italian: circa
  • Japanese: およそ
  • Korean: 대략
  • Norwegian: omkring
  • Polish: mniej więcej
  • Portuguese: aproximadamente
  • Romanian: aproape
  • Russian: около
  • Spanish: más o menos
  • Swedish: omkring
  • Thai: ใกล้
  • Turkish: yaklaşık
  • Ukrainian: приблизно
  • Vietnamese: khoảng
  • British English: about About means to do with.This book is about history.əˈbaʊt PREPOSITIONto do with
  • Arabic: عَنْ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobre
  • Chinese: 关于
  • Croatian: o
  • Czech: o
  • Danish: om
  • Dutch: over
  • European Spanish: acerca de
  • French: à propos de
  • German: über
  • Greek: περί
  • Italian: su
  • Japanese: ・・・について
  • Korean: ...에 관하여
  • Norwegian: om
  • Polish: o
  • Portuguese: sobre
  • Romanian: despre
  • Russian: о об
  • Spanish: acerca de
  • Swedish: om
  • Thai: เกี่ยวกับ
  • Turkish: hakkında
  • Ukrainian: про
  • Vietnamese: vềliên quan đến

Example Sentences Including 'about'

Despite his age there's something of the adolescent about him.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
Charlotte wanted to know whether Marianne had ever found out about the `affair'.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
I told her I knew absolutely nothing about Christian's family, only that he had no children.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)


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