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about (əˈbaʊt Pronunciation for about



  1. relating to; concerning; on the subject of
  2. near or close to (in space or time)
  3. carried on   ⇒ I haven't any money about me
  4. on every side of; all the way around
  5. active in or engaged in   ⇒ she is about her business
  6. See about to


  1. approximately; near in number, time, degree, etc   ⇒ about 50 years old
  2. nearby
  3. here and there; from place to place; in no particular direction   ⇒ walk about to keep warm
  4. all around; on every side
  5. in or to the opposite direction   ⇒ he turned about and came back
  6. in rotation or revolution   ⇒ turn and turn about
  7. used in informal phrases to indicate understatement   ⇒ I've had just about enough of your insults, it's about time you stopped
  8. (archaic) in circumference; around


  1. (predicative) active; astir after sleep   ⇒ up and about
  2. (predicative) in existence, current, or in circulation   ⇒ there aren't many about nowadays

Word Origin

Old English abūtan, onbūtan on the outside of, around, from on + būtan outside


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= regarding, on, re, concerning, touching, dealing with, respecting, referring to, relating to, concerned with, connected with, relative to, with respect to, as regards, anent
= around, over, through, round, throughout, surrounding, all over, encircling, on all sides
= near, around, close to, bordering, nearby, beside, close by, adjacent to, just round the corner from, in the neighbourhood of, alongside of, contiguous to, within sniffing distance of, at close quarters to, a hop, skip and a jump away from
= approximately, around, almost, nearing, nearly, approaching, close to, roughly, just about, more or less, in the region of, in the vicinity of, not far off, circa
= everywhere, around, all over, here and there, on all sides, in all directions, to and fro, from place to place, hither and thither

Translations for 'about'

  • British English: aboutPronunciation for about About means near to something.His grandfather is about 80 years old.əˈbaʊt ADVERBnear to
  • Arabic: حَوَاليPronunciation for حَوَالي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aproximadamentePronunciation for aproximadamente
  • Chinese: 关于Pronunciation for 关于
  • Croatian: okoPronunciation for oko
  • Czech: kolemPronunciation for kolem
  • Danish: omkringPronunciation for omkring
  • Dutch: ongeveerPronunciation for ongeveer
  • European Spanish: más o menosPronunciation for más o menos
  • Finnish: suunnilleenPronunciation for suunnilleen
  • French: autour dePronunciation for autour de
  • German: ungefährPronunciation for ungefähr
  • Greek: περίπουPronunciation for περίπου
  • Italian: circaPronunciation for circa
  • Japanese: およそPronunciation for およそ
  • Korean: 대략Pronunciation for 대략
  • Norwegian: omkringPronunciation for omkring
  • Polish: mniej więcejPronunciation for mniej więcej
  • Portuguese: aproximadamentePronunciation for aproximadamente
  • Romanian: aproape
  • Russian: околоPronunciation for около
  • Spanish: más o menosPronunciation for más o menos
  • Swedish: omkringPronunciation for omkring
  • Thai: ใกล้Pronunciation for ใกล้
  • Turkish: yaklaşıkPronunciation for yaklaşık
  • Ukrainian: приблизно
  • Vietnamese: khoảngPronunciation for khoảng
  • British English: aboutPronunciation for about About means to do with.This book is about history.əˈbaʊt PREPOSITIONto do with
  • Arabic: عَنْPronunciation for عَنْ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobrePronunciation for sobre
  • Chinese: 关于Pronunciation for 关于
  • Croatian: oPronunciation for o
  • Czech: oPronunciation for o
  • Danish: omPronunciation for om
  • Dutch: overPronunciation for over
  • European Spanish: acerca dePronunciation for acerca de
  • Finnish: NO TRANSLATIONPronunciation for NO TRANSLATION
  • French: à propos dePronunciation for à propos de
  • German: überPronunciation for über
  • Greek: περίPronunciation for περί
  • Italian: suPronunciation for su
  • Japanese: ・・・についてPronunciation for ・・・について
  • Korean: ...에 관하여Pronunciation for ...에 관하여
  • Norwegian: omPronunciation for om
  • Polish: oPronunciation for o
  • Portuguese: sobrePronunciation for sobre
  • Romanian: despre
  • Russian: оPronunciation for о об
  • Spanish: acerca dePronunciation for acerca de
  • Swedish: omPronunciation for om
  • Thai: เกี่ยวกับPronunciation for เกี่ยวกับ
  • Turkish: hakkındaPronunciation for hakkında
  • Ukrainian: про
  • Vietnamese: vềPronunciation for vềliên quan đến

Example Sentences Including 'about'

Charlotte wanted to know whether Marianne had ever found out about the `affair'.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
Despite his age there's something of the adolescent about him.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
I told her I knew absolutely nothing about Christian's family, only that he had no children.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)


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