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abstemious (əbˈstiːmɪəs Pronunciation for abstemious



  1. moderate or sparing, esp in the consumption of alcohol or food; temperate

Derived Forms

abˈstemiously adverb
abˈstemiousness noun

Word Origin

C17: from Latin abstēmius, from abs- ab-1 + tēm-, from tēmētum intoxicating drink

Example Sentences Including 'abstemious'

Anne Fowler, who was always abstemious , was having much the same thought.
Penn, John Unto The Grave
He had never in his life been so abstemious , nor so single-minded.
Clive Barker THE HELLBOUND HEART (2001)
So she'd taken her sleeping tablet with an abstemious glass of mineral water both nights, and had still woken up like a zombie.
Cathy Kelly JUST BETWEEN US (2002)


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