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acceptability (əkˌseptəˈbɪlɪtɪ) 



  1. the fact of being approved of and considered normal by most people; suitability   ⇒ We await their decision on the acceptability of our bid.   ⇒ Britain had ruled out the acceptability of a partial Iraqi withdrawal.

    social acceptability the extent to which something or someone is socially approved of   ⇒ Social acceptability seems to me to be very important.   ⇒ an increase in the social acceptability of divorce


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= adequacy, fitness, suitability, propriety, appropriateness, admissibility, permissibility, acceptableness, satisfactoriness,

acceptable (əkˈsɛptəbəl Pronunciation for acceptable



  1. satisfactory; adequate
  2. pleasing; welcome
  3. tolerable

Derived Forms

acˌceptaˈbility, acˈceptableness noun
acˈceptably adverb

Example Sentences Including 'acceptability'

"It also accuses the company of "manipulating statistics to suggest widespread acceptability.
canada.com (2005)
Even here, local requirements may affect the acceptability of certain products.
Tom Cannon Basic Marketing. Principles and Practice
Everything well above the acceptability threshold when the Min.
Barnard, Robert Political Suicide
Making them more attractive might improve their acceptability.
British Medical Journal (2002)
She seethes at his view that ethnic minorities should learn English and abide by British "norms of acceptability ".
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
Suddenly I realized who they must be: these were `our gallant boys'- ones from the lower end of the acceptability scale.
Barnard, Robert The Disposal of the Living
Testing times ahead may determine acceptability ; Medical Briefing
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Volvo uses its concepts to seriously test the bounds of acceptability.
The Australian (2004)


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