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acceptable (əkˈsɛptəbəl Pronunciation for acceptable



  1. satisfactory; adequate
  2. pleasing; welcome
  3. tolerable

Derived Forms

acˌceptaˈbility, acˈceptableness noun
acˈceptably adverb

Translations for 'acceptable'

  • British English: acceptablePronunciation for acceptable If a situation or action is acceptable, people approve of it.It is not acceptable for any country to attack Red Cross buildings during war.əkˈsɛptəbl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مَقْبُولPronunciation for مَقْبُول
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aceitávelPronunciation for aceitável
  • Chinese: 可接受的Pronunciation for 可接受的
  • Croatian: prihvatljivPronunciation for prihvatljiv prihvatljiva
  • Czech: přijatelnýPronunciation for přijatelný
  • Danish: acceptabelPronunciation for acceptabel
  • Dutch: acceptabelPronunciation for acceptabel
  • European Spanish: aceptablePronunciation for aceptable
  • Finnish: hyväksyttäväPronunciation for hyväksyttävä
  • French: acceptablePronunciation for acceptable
  • German: annehmbarPronunciation for annehmbar
  • Greek: αποδεκτόςPronunciation for αποδεκτός αποδεκτή
  • Italian: accettabilePronunciation for accettabile
  • Japanese: 受け入れられるPronunciation for 受け入れられる
  • Korean: 받아들일 만한Pronunciation for 받아들일 만한
  • Norwegian: akseptabelPronunciation for akseptabel akseptable
  • Polish: dopuszczalnyPronunciation for dopuszczalny dopuszczalna
  • Portuguese: aceitávelPronunciation for aceitável
  • Romanian: acceptabil acceptabilă, acceptabili, acceptabile
  • Russian: приемлемыйPronunciation for приемлемый приемлемая
  • Spanish: aceptablePronunciation for aceptable
  • Swedish: godtagbarPronunciation for godtagbar godtagbart
  • Thai: ที่ยอมรับได้Pronunciation for ที่ยอมรับได้
  • Turkish: kabul edilebilirPronunciation for kabul edilebilir
  • Ukrainian: прийнятний
  • Vietnamese: chấp nhận đượcPronunciation for chấp nhận được

Example Sentences Including 'acceptable'

An insurance company which was being difficult came up with an acceptable quote on a house.
Gee, Maggie Lost Children
The shelter it provided could be most acceptable in time of need.
Aird, Catherine A Dead Liberty
What he said about art now seems obvious, clear, totally acceptable.
Malcolm, John Whistler in the Dark


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