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  1. more liable than most people to be involved in accidents

Example Sentences Including 'accident-prone'

A replacement fleet for the aging, accident-prone Sea Kings is the sole project spared from the government's capital spending freeze.
Toronto Sun (2003)
And he conjured up one moment of mayhem at Hillsborough to eclipse anything perpetrated by TV's most accident-prone hotel proprietor.
Sun, News of the World (2000)
But accident-prone Marlon has been to the cash-and-carry for Bob and his car has broken down, so he's not there to greet Tricia.
Sun, News of the World (2002)
For a dainty woman she was - as her adoring husband told everyone - ridiculously accident-prone.
Alexandra Connor THE TURN OF THE TIDE (2004)
In the end, Mr Beattie had no choice but to give his accident-prone minister the proverbial tap on the shoulder.
The Australian (2005)
Unless you've a hang-glider, this means two accident-prone motorways.
Gash, Jonathan The Tartan Ringers
We need to know and we need to keep a much closer eye on our highly efficient but accident-prone food system.
New Scientist (1999)


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