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  1. more liable than most people to be involved in accidents

Example Sentences Including 'accident-prone'

A replacement fleet for the aging, accident-prone Sea Kings is the sole project spared from the government's capital spending freeze.
Toronto Sun (2003)
For a dainty woman she was - as her adoring husband told everyone - ridiculously accident-prone.
Alexandra Connor THE TURN OF THE TIDE (2004)
In the end, Mr Beattie had no choice but to give his accident-prone minister the proverbial tap on the shoulder.
The Australian (2005)
Unless you've a hang-glider, this means two accident-prone motorways.
Gash, Jonathan The Tartan Ringers
We need to know and we need to keep a much closer eye on our highly efficient but accident-prone food system.
New Scientist (1999)


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